3 Lessons from Selling My Mum’s NFT Drawing

Go in with your eyes wide open

Jia Yung Lee
The Startup
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8 min readDec 25, 2021


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How can you sell a digital picture online? More importantly, how can one make millions from selling said picture?

Even as someone working full-time in the Crypto space, I am still baffled by how Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have become mainstream.

After seeing non-Crypto friends buying and even minting their NFTs, I decided to get into it myself. To learn and (hopefully) get rich ;)

How did I do this? By digitizing and selling my mum’s artwork

Are you looking to want to find out whether it’s worth it to buy NFTs or even mint your own? Or whether anyone who owns an NFT is either a con artist, speculator, or deluded believer?

Read on for my first-hand experience and thoughts!

What this article is (and is not)

With many articles sharing with you how to create a wallet, buy ETH and eventually mint your NFT, you are probably covered on that.

Instead, I will be sharing some practical tips for selling your NFT and my thoughts on whether NFTs are here to stay.

However, this article does not advise for or against NFTs. Always do your own research and decide based on your own situation.

What caused this explosion of interest?

More mature blockchain ecosystems since 2017

NFTs are actually nothing new. After the launch of the Ethereum Blockchain, the first NFTs were minted.

What has changed is the explosion of interest in NFTs from both “mainstream” and Crypto enthusiasts. We first see this in the massive success of Crypto Kitties in 2017, an online game where users could buy and sell virtual kittens.

Similar to today, we see Ethereum gas prices skyrocket back then. This along with the decreasing price of ETH killed off interest in NFTs. However, it showed the potential demand for NFTs in the future

Probably should have bought some then :(

As the Ethereum blockchain became more stable and other blockchain ecosystems started sprouting up, supply was ripe to meet



Jia Yung Lee
The Startup

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