3 Problems I Didn’t Expect to Face As A Full-Time Creator

And how I’m navigating them — so you can do the same.

Anangsha Alammyan
The Startup


Photo by Karmen Kendrick on Unsplash

It can get lonely sometimes as an independent content creator.

My friends sometimes get surprised when I say I’m tired. They think because I love my work and I quit my job to pursue my passion, I’ll never be exhausted.

Ha, I wish that was true; that there was some magic if you did what you loved, you’d never crave for a break

Turns out, we’re all humans. And humans need breaks.

This article is for every creator who’s lately been feeling stressed, overworked, or unfulfilled. This is a reminder to never blame yourself for needing a break. You aren’t competing with anyone else. Your growth pace might be slow, but it’s still valid. You don’t need to burn yourself out to deserve to take some time off for yourself.

If this is relatable, read on for the three unexpected problems I faced when I started my career as a full-time content creator. I’ve also included how I’m navigating my way around them so you don’t have to face the same issues on your journey.

1. The struggle to find balance is real