3 reasons why you should never skip User experience making a product.

User eXperience is everything that touches upon your experience with your product, Today the term is misused by people that they have no clue of what they doing by thinking that the user experience is just designing an app or a website but the real meaning is the way your experience the world and everything.

“User eXperience is what it feels like to use a product, System or services.”

So the 3 reasons why you should never skip User eXperience making a product are :

1 : Great product shares three things ( What ) ?

When making product we need to know that there are three layers :

  • Functional design
  • Aesthetic design
  • User experience design

all these layers work together ( Functional design and Aesthetic design aren’t enough ).

To make this clear let’s explain this using a car :

Firstly we have “How it works” ( Functional design )

Secondly we have “How it looks” ( Aesthetic design )


Thirdly we have “How it Feels like to use this car” ( User Experience design )


2 : User Experience helps you understand your users ( How ) ?

“Want your users to fall in love with your designs? Fall in love with your users.”
 — Dana Chisnell

User Experience without Users is not User experience, because Users give feedbacks and validate assumptions, for that we have to invest in User research as an important part making a good product.

To make good products, companies should invest more faces time with their users, understand their needs, Making a usability test sessions.

User research helps you discover :

  • What they expect to do
  • Why that matters to them
  • What other goals they have
  • What other tools they use
  • etc…..

3 : User Experience is a complete process making great products

Process is not an excited word but UX is nothing if not a process and companies like Apple, Mercedes, Airbnb are also serious about following the UX process.

This the simple and logical process for building a car or a building or a phone or a chair or a house etc…

The benefits of the design process are :

  • Vision is clear
  • Product is visualised in high fidelity
  • Process has natural structure
  • Ideas can be iterated cheaply
  • Three success factors given equal importance

Examples of Good UX :
- Apple


- Squarespace


- Airbnb


- Mercedes-Benz



In terms of design, User eXperience is just as important as visual identity. Seriously. It doesn’t matter what your site or app looks like if people don’t know how to interact with it moreover, they need to enjoy that interaction.

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