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3 Ways to Inspire a Worn-out Team

A non-expensive way to get positive energy into your team

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  1. Those who want to do it for the money. They have no other option or they need the extra money you are willing to pay
  2. Those who want to do it for the experience. They have a vision of doing something similar in the future or perhaps they just want to enrich their CV
  3. Those who do it to help you because they know you on a personal basis
  4. Those who do it because they see a bright future for the product or service
  5. Those who are doing it on the recommendation of a third party (for any of the above 4 reasons)

First way to inspire your workforce is to listen (and make others listen) to each person speak their mind (on what they’re passionate about)

Second way to inspire is to give temporary leadership roles to each member of the team

The third way to inspire your team members is to follow their suggestion

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