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3 Ways to Spark Creativity and Find Ideas

Look around and ideas will be found

Jan 17 · 4 min read

Ideas are everywhere. Creativity is calling you in many mixed-up places.

But at times, ideas can be floating around, too hard to be found; it is up to you to catch them out of thin air and unfold them.

So the question is how?

Well, this morning I found out — I was lost — sat there in my chair with no flicker of inspiration, I ended up watching birds out of the window with the blue sky urging me to go out.

Nature was calling me.

Now I’m back and here are three ways to spark creativity and find ideas, starting with going outside. Returning with a refreshed mind ready to write was exhilarating due to natures divine capacity at sparking creativity.

Go Outside

Ok, so sometimes the best thing you can do is go outside. Why? Well, nature is there to remind you that everything is ok. Nature is natural medicine. It is proven so through natural therapies, for example:

“Ecotherapy”: A treatment that involves participating in outdoor activities.

“Forest bathing”: A walk in the forest. (Basically what it says on the label)

The healing power of nature sparks your inner sense of creativity and sends away the stress — that’s what it did for me this morning — my magic made an appearance again.

Whenever I go out for a walk, I take the time to unwind. I make the conscious effort to put my phone in my pocket, look around, take mindful steps, listen to the birds and trees swishing in the air. OK, I get it — city life doesn’t always offer nature on your doorstep, but a tree and a park are close by no matter what. Isn’t that spectacular?

Surrounding yourself in nature has miraculous effects on your mind and body, from lowering blood pressure to boosting your immune system; nature is there to soothe you.

It gets frustrating as a creative person when ideas aren’t forming (or even appearing), so use nature to the best of your ability. In fact, there is no way to use it; just go outside, breathe the air, appreciate its beauty and start over again.

Take a breath of fresh air and do not despair.

Now you know nature is constantly there, so are people…

Learn From People’s Handiwork

Inspiration doesn’t just happen — you have to be inspired by someone or something. We read to be inspired, right? We quote people because of the mark they have made on our lives.

I am always looking for new people’s work to get my creativity going as a writer. Be it in a museum, exhibition or on the street, we are all here to learn from each other.

I love it when I look at someone on the street and come up with a story about their life in my mind — a story right in front of my eyes ready to be written.

Go outside, learn from people and finally…

Have Conversations With People

You might be an introvert, so speaking with randomers on the street might not be your thing. That’s OK. Call your mum, reach out to a friend… but most importantly, ask how the barista or taxi driver are doing.

A simple “how are you” sparked McCartney’s mind for one of The Beatles best songs (in my eyes) “Eight Days a Week”.

When the taxi driver responded with “working eight days a week”, The Beatles got to work and made a banger.

Personally, I live for conversations with randomers. I like to hear what people have to say to someone they don’t know in a short amount of time. How would you summarise how you’re feeling or who you are in five minutes? Take short conversations as short bursts of inspiration for ideas to sprout from.

There you have it — three ways to spark creativity and find ideas.

Remember, there are more than three:

Gracey Grossmann is an English lassy residing in Berlin with a passion to help people find peace, love, and joy in life. She finds strength through God and sense through writing. Her laugh can be heard from miles away. Follow her for ways to de-stress, regain strength and encourage self-acceptance.

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