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4 Great Reasons to Move Your IT to the Cloud

Look to the cloud to enhance your business and save your budget

John Teehan
Mar 26 · 5 min read

As offices around the work search for ways to boost productivity and create a more streamlined business strategy, many are finding that the cloud fills many of their evolving needs. With such advantages as cost, accessibility, and mobile-friendly use, more and more businesses are migrating their data and operations to the cloud.

The cloud is more than just a place to store files. While it’s often the first reason people learn of cloud computing, the advantages go far beyond mere file storage. Some of those reasons include saving money, running a business more efficiently, and enjoying added levels of security.

If you’re not using the cloud to your full advantage yet, it may be time to pivot in that direction. As with any business decision, you’re going to want to consider the decision with care. That said, here are four good reasons why the time has come for you to move your IT to the cloud.

Save more than just money

This is also equipment you’re not having to purchase, service, upgrade or insure. Your IT budget just got a lot smaller and more flexible. Monthly usage fees for most cloud service providers trend pretty low, particularly when compared to onsite costs.

Saving yourself from aggravation can also be important. By backing up your files to the cloud instead of expensive on-site equipment, you are making data recovery easier should something happen to your physical hardware or if a natural disaster affects your ability to operate onsite.

If those reasons aren’t enough to convert you to cloud usage, take a moment to consider how much you’d be saving in power costs. Accessing the cloud through the Internet takes up a lot less electricity than running servers onsite, and you aren’t running air conditioning 24/7 just to keep the servers cool. You’d be saving money and promoting a more green office.

Work from anywhere

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It’s also more efficient. Your employees on the road can access inventory, pricing, sales agreements, and other documents with ease from wherever they are. There’s no need for awkward back-and-forth calls or trips to the office for information or documentation.

When it comes to collaborating on projects, employees don’t have to be in the same building — let alone office — to get the job done. Documents can be shared and edited in real-time. Application and systems development can be worked on and tested between any number of project members from any number of locations and it can always be with the most current version.

Combined with effective communications software such as voice or video conferencing, you can have a whole office worth of whiz-kids doing their thing be it brainstorming or putting the finishing touches on the next hot software release, but from locations spread out across the world.

A Harvard Business Review report revealed that over 40% of employees would give up a portion of their salary if offered the option to work from home. Cloud computing allows employees to work from home without disrupting productivity. Employees can access their workstations remotely just as easily as if they were sitting at their desks.

Your files and business data are safer

Cloud service providers are invested in making sure your faith in them is well-founded. They are constantly improving security, staying on top of the latest cybersecurity developments and threats, and always keeping a watchful eye out for suspicious activities or other threats.

While you may employ any number of security measures in your office, cloud security technicians take things to another level when it comes to the ever-changing landscape of advanced cybersecurity practices.

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And it’s not only cyber threats that cloud computing can protect you from. Using the cloud also protects you from data loss due to onsite equipment failure. If your server gets wiped in a power surge, what are your options? There aren’t many good ones. If your data is in the cloud, however, this is a lot less of a worry for you to deal with. Most backup routines can be automated, freeing yourself from having to remember to manually back up your data at the end of each day.

Scale your cloud to fit your needs

The pricing schedules for most cloud services provide for these ups and downs and they easily allow you to scale your cloud usages and costs with whatever your current needs are. You can add and remove employees and services at will, and alter the size and range of your network in very little time. There is also no need for managing software licenses or extra hardware. Within a couple of minutes, you can change the scope of your usage and, with it, the costs.

You don’t get that kind of flexibility when you’ve already committed to onsite hardware.

Cloud computing allows businesses to set up a more efficient system to meet their individual needs. The way you store, access, and make use of your data matters. The benefits surrounding a cloud computing environment can give you a competitive advantage no matter what size your business.

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