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4 habits that will unlock the creative person in you

‘How to unlock your creative potential?’ — the term has the search count of 38,90,000 in Google. Shocked? Well, here’s another shocking statistic for you — a study published by Adobe stated that 75% of the people think they are not being fully creative under the pressure of being more productive.

If you feel that you are also part of these 75%, it is time to look for things that perk up your productivity. It is time to unlock your creative potential. Here are some easy tips on how to do so -

Find comfort in being uncomfortable

Comfort is the biggest enemy of creativity. To achieve something you always wanted but never had, you have to step out of this dangerous comfort zone.

You need to look beyond comfort if you want to be creative. You might feel comfortable in doing the same things at work day in and day out. But if you want to tap the real creative potential hidden inside of you, you need to look beyond these ways. Challenge yourself, and start to find pleasure by being in uncomfortable situations — because they will bring out the best in you!

Try technology detox

Put the iPhone down — that’s what my mum yelled as I was gazing continuously at the phone for the past half hour or so. She yelled because a few minutes back I had a discussion with her that I was not getting new ideas to write. “Gazing at the screen of your machine won’t bring creativity. Get out, look and feel things.” She completed and went to her room.

By God she was right. Taking her advice I decided to take a few hours of tech detox daily. This was the time when I would distance myself from all the technology, be it smartphone, laptop or anything else that could distract my mind. I would use this time to go out and meet people, take a stroll in the park and things like they used to do in old times. This helped me become more aware of the surroundings, as explained in the next point.

Be more aware of your surroundings

We are surrounded by so many people, and so many things. In the rat race to become more productive, and outshine other person’s efforts we often forget about our surroundings. This makes our efforts more like that produced by a machine. But, aren’t we supposed to behave like humans?

Being more aware of the surroundings allows us to learn from everything present around us. It instills a sense of motivation. Look at how things happen in nature. How someone else tackles a similar situation that you also faced. As philosophical as it might sound, but the fact of the matter is that these things inspire creativity. Don’t believe in me? Try to take a break from whatever you are doing right now and observe the crow calling outside your window. Bring down the pace of life, and you will find the strings of creativity automatically striking the right chord to produce a symphony.

Live in present

Last, but not the least, forget about what has happened in the past. Give rest to your thoughts about the future. And, start living in the present. You cannot change what happened in the past. You don’t know what is going to happen in the future. But, with your actions you can certainly control what is going to happen in the moment.

Present moment is gift bestowed upon us, if we know how to live it in the best possible manner. And, that best possible manner is to get rid of the worries of the past and tensions about the future. Start living in the present, and you will get to see an instant change in your thinking, getting your creativity to flow!

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Vartika Kashyap runs the marketing team at ProofHub — a project management software for teams of all sizes. She is a seasoned marketing professional who is an expert in digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

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