4 Tips to Pitching Anything to Anyone

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4 min readOct 15, 2020

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Whether you realize it or not, we’re always pitching something to someone. That someone might be a new client, board member, colleague or even a spouse, and there are proven techniques that work for all of them.

There is nothing worse than being pitched something that you do not need (this also includes ideas you don’t agree with or believe). Using the four tips below, you can start to pitch smarter and get the “yes” you want no matter who the client.

1. It’s Not About You

It’s always about them. Many people think they need to jump into the spotlight and deliver a pre-planned, dog and pony show to get the “yes.” This one-sided method (and stressful belief) of pushing the concept or product on a client doesn’t work. To achieve a truly successful pitch, you must switch your mindset, and shift the meeting to being all about them.

Instead, focus more on the person in front of you and what they need-and how you can help them succeed. This simple mindset change will transform the pitch dynamic, take the pressure off of you, and make the client feel both seen and heard. Suddenly your “pitches” will feel more authentic, and more like “discussions” aimed at helping your client.

2. Set Goals

Before every pitch, make sure to always set both a primary goal and a secondary goal.

  • To determine the primary goal, you need to ask yourself: what does a “win-win” look like? What is possible?
  • The secondary goal, which is even more critical, is to build a relationship.

Keeping this secondary goal in mind automatically transforms the focus of your pitch to having fun, creating connections, solving problems, and leaving your client thinking, “Wow! I want to do business with this person.”

This secondary goal is crucial because pitching is all about timing. Although today may not be your day to get that “yes,” building a rapport with the client makes the next meeting that much easier and gets you one step closer to a future yes. Retaining clients is always easier and less costly than acquiring new ones. So make the aim of every pitch a chance to turn a client into a long-term partner.

3. Do Your Homework

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