400 Free Resources And Tools For Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Startups

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This is a collection of extremely helpful free resources that have been crowd compiled over the years, originally shared with me by Deins Slisans. I’ve edited, re-titled, sorted and optimised it for Medium. I’ve also added some extra resources that I’ve found useful and taken out double-ups/errors.

For anyone who wants to view this on Notion and also wants 50+ Productivity Tactics — Here’s a free database with all of it. Note that new additions/sections/updates are not included in that version. But here are all the resources in all their glory 👏 👏 👏

Table of Contents
Hint: CTRL-F on the section and navigate to the location

Website Templates and Design Tools
Branding And Logo Creation
Invoice Generation
Legal Documents
Idea Management
Writing & Blogging Tools
SEO & Site Analysis
Image Optimisers
Image Editors
Email Management
Guides & Courses
Social Media & Community Management
Customer Service and Surveys
A/B Testing & Growth Hacking
Design Resources
Colour Pickers
Royalty Free Photography & Stock Photos
Royalty Free Typography & Fonts
Royalty Free Icons & Illustrations
Royalty Free Audio & Music
Misc Useful Tools
Background Sounds & Music For Focus
Avoiding Distractions
Task Management, Collaboration…



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