5 Powerful Business Madlibs

Creative Plug ‘n Plays to Get You Unstuck

Matthew E. May
Mar 14, 2018 · 2 min read

When your creative efforts seem to be swirling around and around without getting you anywhere, try these five powerful “madlibs” to get you unstuck:

We want to [what to win/achieve] in [where to play] by [how to win/defensible advantage].

When it comes to [situation], [customer type] needs a way to [job to be done/problem], so that [desired outcome].

[Concept name] is a [solution description] for [target customers/users] that [key value proposition], enabling [primary benefits], unlike [existing options/alternatives].

For our approach/strategy/solution to succeed, it must be true that [what must be true/preconditions for success].

We can [problem to solve/challenge to meet] if we [action to take, solution to create].

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