5 Powerful Business Madlibs

Creative Plug ‘n Plays to Get You Unstuck

When your creative efforts seem to be swirling around and around without getting you anywhere, try these five powerful “madlibs” to get you unstuck:

1. Strategy in One Sentence:

We want to [what to win/achieve] in [where to play] by [how to win/defensible advantage].

2. Customer-Focused Problem Statement:

When it comes to [situation], [customer type] needs a way to [job to be done/problem], so that [desired outcome].

3. Concept/Solution Pitch:

[Concept name] is a [solution description] for [target customers/users] that [key value proposition], enabling [primary benefits], unlike [existing options/alternatives].

4. Critical Assumptions:

For our approach/strategy/solution to succeed, it must be true that [what must be true/preconditions for success].

5. When you’re stuck and things look impossible:

We can [problem to solve/challenge to meet] if we [action to take, solution to create].

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