5 Unusual Lessons Going Bald at 25 Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

It’s Not What Happens to You, But How You Respond

Kurtis Pykes
The Startup


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Approximately 20–25% of men experience some form of hair loss in their early 20s, and 20% of small businesses fail within their first year…

We’ve all heard these stats, but most people feel they don’t apply to them.

I never thought I’d be completely bald at 25.

This is due to optimism bias.

Optimism bias causes people to believe they themselves are less likely to experience a negative event.

It fools people into thinking they’re immune when they’re not.

Going bald taught me this lesson.

In fact, there were many lessons going bald taught me.

Here are 5 that translate directly into entrepreneurship:

1. Change occurs unexpectedly — be sure to embrace it early

Change is inevitable.

It’s not down to us to decide when this change should occur.

But it’s 100% our responsibility to choose whether we’ll embrace it.



Kurtis Pykes
The Startup

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