5 Ways to Increase Productivity in a Virtual Office

Sarath CP
Sarath CP
Jul 31, 2018 · 5 min read

Not sure if a virtual office is something that you need and doubt that it would be unproductive for your new business idea? Many business owners usually think that, by starting their business or transferring to a virtual office, they will be killing the determination and creativeness of the employees. They tend to think that staying at home and working will distract the employees with many factors such as family, YouTube, friends, errand videos, etc.

We agree that there is a chance of them getting distracted but, researches show that people tend to be more productive in their own space. A man is more productive when he is comfortable with his surroundings and environment that will make him deliver effectively, efficiently, and creatively. The key to a productive and successful environment is to remain organized. Here are some tips:

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1. Maintain streamline communication

Communication is important in every office, virtual or real. This is one tool that can improve the productivity of the virtual office as communication is essential for various reasons. In virtual offices, there is less face to face conservation through Skype due to the distance between you and your staff, but there are also other methods of communication.

Learn about the other ways of communicating and utilize them to improve communication, and it could be though chatting or through emails. Preferably chat rooms because emails become a dump after sometimes as most of them are not read. This makes it easier to spread the message and helps in keeping touch and decreases confusions due to misreading or misinterpreted messages.

Do remember that misinterpreted messages can cause a lot of trouble as it will lead to the wrong decisions and work will be largely affected. Make sure that they are clear and consists of guidelines.

2. Use Video and Audio Tools

Another way to improve your communication is through video and audio calls. Platforms such as Skype and Google hangout are the best in the business for these types of communication. This won’t get you face-to-face with your employees but will increase the reality factor.

By using this method, all you are doing is giving a personal touch as you get to see the reaction and body language of them. This helps to improve the connection between employees and promotes unity within. People usually ignore communicating through these means as they think that leaving an email is enough, but it’s not true.

3. Plan meetups

In case you and your team live in the same city plan meetups like, after work beer, lunch at one’s house or dinner at restaurants is a good way of increasing the bond within the team. This shows the team that they are working with humans that really care and not fake people.

Working every day in a virtual office can make it lonely and boring for some people. It is essential to have a real face to face conservation as it promotes a healthy lifestyle along with improving work relations. If your virtual team is spread around the globe or the country then plan quarterly or half-yearly meetups, vacations, go somewhere for a trip. This will help the employees to get to know each other.

Vacations such as these take the mind off work and calm it, doing this will help the company in various ways. First, the employees will be happy as they get to go to places for vacations.

Secondly, it will help to increase productivity after a long time of working, and also it will keep the employees happy. While on these holidays, make games that promote unity and togetherness so that they develop as a team. Perform tasks that involve trust and fosters confidence within.

These games will not only develop their team skills but will also build up trust in them, doing so this will help when there’s a similar type of situation during work.

4. Flexible Schedules are Wonderful

The greatest advantage of working at home is working according to your convenience in your own style and space. Working at home is more simple because if you have a headache, you can go take a stroll, take a nap or even go eat anytime you want. You have all the luxuries at home to keep you comfortable.

It makes it easier for the team leader to set up the schedules and keep deadlines, this way ts a win for both the company and the employees. They will be able to work on their time as they know the deadlines and submit it by then.

On the other hand, the employer gets the work on time. If there are four content writers, then they can set two for morning and two for the night, this way the work will be distributed and even last minute calls from the client can be handled properly.

5. Spark Competitiveness within them

A little bit of encouragement is sometimes all that is needed to boost the productivity of the employees. It could be in various ways. By employee recognition programs, competitions or bonus. When an employee is rewarded in front of the others, it puts a sense of recognition and also persuades the others to do better so that they are also recognized.

Organize these facilities in your office and see the improvement in work. There are also other ways, such as games which promote teamwork. These games help build a sense of teamwork among the employees, improves productivity and co-operation. Measure the growth of employees and reward them for performing well. This will make them feel more included and makes them work harder as it puts a bit of competitiveness in them.


Being in a virtual office can often create issues within the organization so try to maintain well-established communications. Make you are clear while delivering a message too much information never goes waste, it is better to give more details than giving less and confusing the other person.

Virtual offices are a better way to promote productiveness itself so use that as your main advantage and encourage the employees to perform. If as the employer, you show some faith in them, they will be happy and will perform effectively. All the tips given above are also essential to maintain and increase productivity in these types of offices.

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