50 Personal Portfolios for Inspiration

Examples for you to leverage as you create or improve your website

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Whether you’re applying for jobs, trying to give your work more reach, or simply looking to carve out your little spot on the internet, you should probably have your own website.

Creating and updating a personal portfolio of your past work and experiences can be an excellent tool for both reaching others as well as reflecting on your body of work. At the very least, it’s pretty cool to have your own domain name.

With powerful and affordable tools out there like Wordpress, Squarespace, and Wix, there is an extremely low barrier for entry. You can create a pretty kickass website, even if you’re not an experienced web developer or designer.

Getting Started

When I began creating my website, I found that figuring out where to begin was easily the most difficult part of the process.

The most effective thing that I did to address this problem was looking at other personal portfolios and websites out there and analyzing what I liked and didn’t like about each. This allowed me to begin my design with a clearer idea of what I wanted to create.

“I do not create. God creates. I assemble, and I steal from everywhere to do it” — George Balanchine

Luckily (shoutout past tense me), I bookmarked many of my favorite ones that I encountered during this journey.

Without further adieu, here’s fifty examples of personal portfolios and websites for you to use as inspiration. Enjoy!

Whew. That certainly wasn’t short, but I hope it provides you with an adequate amount of inspiration to draw from when creating or improving your own website.

For the record, some of my favorites include Gary Sheng, Robby Leonardi, Stella Ding, and Leanna Leung. There’s plenty more examples that are well worth mentioning (many of which are referenced above), but that’s all for now. Good luck!

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