6 best practices to design and place your ‘call to action’.

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It isn’t just a button with the word: Buy Now

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CTA — Call to action

CTA is a button or link that entices a prospect to take action.

Today, call to action is much more than the “click here” button. It will align with the page content and help to move the customer through the customer journey quickly and easily.

What kind of call to action to use depends on the function of the page and what kind of action you want customers to take to get into next step.

Here are 6 best practices to design and place your call to action.

Easy to find

Make it easy to find so that it will stand out from other links.

  • Use bold colors that stand out from back ground colors, try t ouse colors that you never used in anywhere else on the page.
  • Leave plenty of white space surrounding it.

Above the fold

This means customers can see the button when they first saw the page without need to scroll down.

Use brief, action oriented words.

Your call to action should be no more than five words.

Remember, less is more.

Use first person speech

Research shows that this significant lifts in clicks. For example, ‘Create my account’ is more effective than ‘Create your account

Place CTA at the right page

You need to place your CTA in the right page that align with customer’s decision journey.

For instance, when customers are going through your website,

  • Use “sign up now” button for promotions or sales,
  • When someone is viewing a product and ready to buy, “Add to cart” works very well.
  • Use a “Subscribe” or “Share” CTA on your blog so that people are encouraged to share their experience.

Create sense of urgency

This will trigger people to act now.

Will click “Sale”? or “50% off, today only” ?

Align your call to action with page content and what customer needs to motivate leads to take action!

Call to action

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