7 Awesome Apps for Learning to Code on Your iPad

Struggling to find time to squeeze in learning with all that’s going on in your life? Take it with you when you’re on the go!

Nicole Peery
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6 min readJul 4, 2019


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I’m a millennial to the core. Everything I do, from banking to making a shopping list, is electronic. I shun paper and digitize all the things.

Part of it is my insanely nerdy need to be as organized and efficient as possible. When I’m organized, my brain feels organized.

The other part is my concern for the environment. I’ve set a personal goal of lessening my impact on our planet, and not contributing to paper waste helps me meet that goal. 🌳

In my quest to rid paper from my life, my iPad has become my best sidekick.

I watch videos and take notes in waiting rooms. I brainstorm and draw while dinner is cooking. I check out e-books from the local library and read when I have a few moments to myself.

When I began to pursue web development as a career in 2017, adding an iPad to my learning arsenal turbocharged my time and efficiency. So today I’d like to share the apps that have helped me make the most of my learning time.

Taking Notes

I’ve never been a great note-taker. My handwriting is messy and I type a lot faster than I can write. While I’d rather tap a keyboard than grab a pen, I can’t argue with science.

Research has shown that you understand concepts more deeply when you write them down. The fact that writing takes longer than typing is exactly what helps you learn.

For that reason, my typical learning process is:

  • Watch video or read content
  • Take handwritten notes on what I just learned in my own words
  • Review concepts after I take a break
  • Convert handwritten notes to a document in a note-taking app and add code examples

Here’s the apps I use to help me get this done. I use an Apple Pencil because I…



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