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7 Practical Ideas to Create Content and Keep The Readers Coming

Magnetic Content is the meat and bones of any successful blog. But it’s not always obvious on how to make that happen.

Are you a content marketer, blogger or a writer?

Do you want to create a piece of content that people want to read?

I hear you shout “Hell, Yeah!”

It’s every writer’s dream.

I recently stumbled upon a question on Quora:

“What is the key to creating content people will be interested in reading?”

Immediately, I began thinking that creating valuable content is a choice. It’s your choice to put your time and resources to craft great content for your readers or not.

Wondering why content is so important?

Importance of Content For You

What do you think of when you read or hear the word “content’?

I bet you start thinking about articles, blogs, images, infographics, videos, email, social media posts, etc.


Content has the capacity to connect with your audience. You can’t communicate with them without it. It’s a communication channel.

It helps to build a better relationship with your readers. All you need to do is delivering a clear message which has something valuable for them.

There are some interactive ways to deliver your message:

Blog posts.


Landing page.



Social Media post.

Here are some stats:

Creating compelling content is an art, and you need to put your heart into it.

72% of marketers say relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic.

70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via content. Great! But here’s something more!

According to Forrester, “87% of B2B marketers struggle to create engaging content.”

Did you know that an average 1388 blog posts are published in 60 seconds?

You must be wondering how to make your content stand out in this crowd which grabs the attention.

Further, In this story, you’ll discover 7 actionable tips which you can implement to create magnetic content right now!

I also included some examples to inspire you.


1. Curate Content and Ask for Ideas

Flash out of ideas?

It happens to the most of the content creators.

The best part?

Still, you can write.

There are some simple ways:

Curate content. Make a list of your favorite top ten (or twenty) blogs/websites, bloggers, or posts. Now publish a list post which explains why you like them.

See this Instapage blog post:

Ask for ideas. Reach out to your sales executives and ask them about what their customers are saying. Then write about it. Also, ask your readers about their favorite topic on social media.

Re-purpose your old posts. Go into your analytics and find out the posts which generated a good amount of views, likes, shares, and leads. Make the most out of these posts by changing the format of the post or updating it, then publishing it.

Let’s say, you have a text post which did a great job for you. You can convert it into infographic form, Slideshare presentation, or video. Simple!

2. Find Out What’s Trending

Want more resources for your content inspiration?

Google Trends.

It helps you to find out what topic is trending. Or, you can simply type your specific query in the box and see results.

I searched for the term “content marketing” over the past 12 months. can help you to get great content ideas. Just go to the homepage, type your query, and you’ll get a number of online publications and magazines.

Udemy is one of my favorite platforms for getting ideas. It’s an online course platform. Just go to the website, type your topic and Bang!

You’ll see a number of online courses that will give you a lot of ideas.

As you can see, you can get great ideas without having to be creative.

3. Craft a Strong Headline

The headline is the first impression you make on a reader. On average, 8 out of 10 people will read the headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.

Writing compelling and strong headlines is a critical skill.

Wondering how to create a powerful and attention-grabbing headline?

Go to Buzzsumo and type your keyword. Find out which headlines have the most social media share. Do you see what I did to find out this post headline? I searched for keyword “content creation.”

Take one post from the results and add a power word (“magnetic”) that draws attention.

Original Headline: Skyscraper Content the Right Way: How to Truly Help Your Readers

Fresh Headline: How to Create Magnetic Content to Help Your Readers [7 Actionable Tips]

As you can see, I also used the odd number in this post headline. According to Content Marketing Institute, odd numbers increase click-through rate by 20%.

4. Be a Storyteller

Want to be remembered?

Be a storyteller.

People remember stories and connected with them emotionally.

An engaging and appealing story has 3 elements:

Character, Conflict, and Resolution.

When people read your content, they want answers to their queries. And it’s your job to deliver the solution through your content.

5. Write Like You Talk

If you want to be a better writer, you must make reading a habit. Period.

Use the word “You” and your readers will connect to your message.

Add stories to give your message more clarity.

Brian Dean is the master of telling stories in his content which make it engaging.

6. Create In-Depth Content

Content length matters!

Publish long content (1000+ words). It will help in ranking.

Backlinko analyzed 1 million Google search results and found that the average word count of a Google first page result is 1,890 words.

How do you create long, in-depth content?

Let me share my experience with you: just a few months back I published a massive guide: 101 Actionable Email Marketing Tips. I needed to put the industry expert’s advice to this guide. So, I reached out to experts (around 90) and asked them to contribute their best tip.

29 experts sent some amazing ideas my way. And I finally had 101 practical tips.

7. Tell Your Readers What To Do Next

Readers are more likely to share actionable and practical content.

Make your content actionable and it should show readers how to implement your advice.

Include a call-to-action in your content which encourages subscribers to take an action.

See how Kissmetrics does it:


You just accessed 7 best ideas to improve your content to keep the readers coming:

  1. Always looking for ways to find out ideas.
  2. Google trends, ISSUU and Udemy are the great platform to get ideas.
  3. An attention grabbing headline makes a positive impact on readers.
  4. Show your storytelling skill to deliver your message.
  5. Use the word “You” in your writing.
  6. Create relevant and in-depth content that help your readers.
  7. Tell your readers clearly how to implement your advice.

Have you used any of these tips to create content? Do you want to add any method to this list?

Call to Action!

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