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7 Tips to Build Stamina for Writing More

Becoming a writing warrior is not for the weak minded. It’s a courageous endeavour to put pen to paper. To produce and keep on producing in the midst of fear, anxiety or obscurity. We write on.

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Though I love to write, it can be difficult because there are many barriers that get in the way. For one, there’s having a full-time job, wanting to be your best and deliver on the job while still wanting to fulfil your creative pursuits.

Another barrier is having multiple passions and dreams which affects your ability to remain focused. Lastly is the reality of feeling creatively inferior when you do not have a large audience consuming your work.

If any of these barriers affect you too, then you are in good hands. I see you. I get it. Here is how to keep writing against all odds.

#1: Be Focused about Writing & How You Create

To keep up with writing consistently, you must be focused. Being focused might mean choosing to pick up something and drop another thing.

Last year, I spread myself thin by trying to be everywhere all at once. I wanted to write on Medium. I wanted to create on YouTube. I wanted to share my fashion enthusiasm on Instagram and grow my following there.

I was trying to be everywhere and all things all at once. I decided that I wanted to be more consistent with my writing on Medium.

Narrowing down my focus gave me time to produce more. I wasn’t thinking too much about how to produce on YouTube or dressing up and going on shoots for Instagram.

#2: Make Sure to Have a Plan to Deliver on Content

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If you are not a full-time content creator, it’s not easy to be consistent with your writing. You know that you have a 9–5 job which sustains your source of livelihood. The tendency would be to work, go home and relax.

However, to keep up with your writing, you must plan. I endeavour to have an article published on Medium at least once a month.

When a good idea comes around, I take note of it, so I don’t lose it. When I see a good pitch, I make sure that I save it.

That’s why I write out a to-do list, it helps me to plan and stay on track.

#3: Be Disciplined about Writing When You Plan To

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You can plan to write and then end up doing something else. You end up spending time on Netflix or you sleep off. This is normal. We don’t always do what we plan to. That’s why we have to develop discipline to execute on what we say we want to do.

Discipline is simply forcing yourself to do what needs to be done. You might not feel inspired to write but if you have it on your to-do list, make the effort and write.

Being disciplined is what will help you to be productive and in the long run feel more accomplished because you’ve done what you set out to do.

#4: Let Passion Be Your Motivator to Write More

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Being passionate can never go out of style. When you are a writer with a small audience, you can quickly lose motivation. You want to know that others have read your work and appreciate what you have to say.

That might not always be the case. You can write, publish, and not get the views and claps you deserve. When this happens, you must let the joy of writing carry you away. Let the joy of being creative be what keeps you going.

There’s a certain satisfaction I get when I can take the words in my head and let it go in an article or blog post. Don’t dismiss that feeling. Keep running towards it and you’ll soon find the urge to write is greater than the expectation to be applauded.

#5: Have A Goal Getter Mindset Towards Writing

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In 2021, I was able to get my writing featured in three different publications here on Medium. I also grew my followership rate by over 30 followers. It’s a minor but significant progress for me.

One of the best ways for you to be able to be consistent with writing is to have goals for yourself each month. You can tell yourself that you would write once a week or twice a month.

You can tell yourself that your writing goal is to increase your followers by 20, 50 or 100 followers.

Even if you are not able to meet up with your goals, knowing that you are working towards something matters.

#6: Take A Break from Posting and then Come Back

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A 9–5 role allows for time off so even if writing is your full-time work, you too need to regularly schedule time off.

You don’t need to sacrifice your peace of mind for consistency. Motivation can come after a long period of rest.

Sometimes, your best work is what happens because of relaxation. Your best work can happen after vacation. Your best work can happen after a day in the park, a fun movie, or a good conversation with friends.

Allow yourself to let go when your body and mind demands rest. Once you’ve honoured that need, then plan to get back out there with a fresh mindset.

Plus, to not completely slack off, understand how long you plan to take a break from writing. You can also inform others if you need to be held accountable.

#7: Ask Yourself, What Would Maya Do?

If all else fails and you don’t feel like producing, ask yourself what your favourite writer would do? My favourite writer is the beloved late Maya Angelou.

I admire Maya Angelou for the beauty in her writings and how prolific she was in books, essays, and poetry.

When I find myself feeling as though my writing does not matter, I imagine what would Maya do? I then get inspired by how she lived her creative life to the fullest and blessed us with so much material to uplift and motivate us.

You too should question what would your favourite author do? Then, get about living your best creative life.

Final Thoughts

We should allow ourselves moments to not produce. To take constant breaks because that break can be what we need to re-charge and re-energize our creativity. Then, when we are ready, get back on the horse.

To keep writing is to know that this is what you love to do and be determined about releasing your magnificent art to the world.

You have the ability to keep writing. It’s time to start again. Start writing now and march on you brave soldier of words.



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