7 Tips To Ensure Customer Satisfaction in a B2B Selling Relationship

Kristijan Bralo
Oct 29, 2019 · 6 min read

Selling to a business is generally much more difficult than selling to a consumer. A business is composed of a number of different people who exert influence on the company’s buying decision, while a consumer is a person who conclusively makes the purchasing decision. In B2B environments, complex products and services, customer education, account development strategies, long purchasing cycles, transfer technology, and strategic business support are added challenges that must be addressed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is a means toward customer retention. It results from the customer’s positive experiences with the product or service purchased and from the quality of encounters that the customer gets from the supplier. In essence, it evokes the precondition of close business relationship where the customer demonstrates trust, commitment, and loyalty in favor of the B2B supplier. And inasmuch as customer satisfaction remains an elusive milestone in many industry environments, there is great wisdom in being guided by the following 7-point program that ensures customer satisfaction in B2B selling relationships:

1. Build expert knowledge in your field and let people know about it.

2. Focus on what customers need and want, and not on what you can achieve.

According to Anne Bachrach, there are three ways by which human behavior can be influenced toward a particular product or service, and these relate to meeting 1) customer needs (i.e. minimum / qualifying requirement that customers look for and the least powerful way of influencing behavior), 2) customer wants (i.e. a controlling dimension in a purchase transaction, a hidden emotional factor grounded on perception and much stronger than a particular need in terms of shaping customer behavior), and 3) customer core values (i.e. intangible feelings that cast the strongest emotional pull with any prospect or customer, illuminate people’s emotional motives, and produce a powerful connection that can lead to long-term business relationships with the customer).

3. Know your most important customers, and give them the best.

As a strategic move, prioritize high profit generators while manage high revenue accounts to desired levels of profitability. Start tracking the long-term values of your customers, identify the best, and pour in your best resources to support them. There is no substitute for this differentiated customer service approach in B2B environments.

4. Always strive for differentiation, and go for quality and superior value.

Quality and superior value includes demonstrating winning service paradigms such as: 1) happy-to-help attitude of the executives, 2) zero defect programs, 3) door-to-door delivery, 4) 24x7 customer support, 5) transparent documentation, 6) special customer greetings, 7) customer day event and, 8) first-contact problem resolution.

5. Know the decision-makers and build lasting relationship with them.

6. Champion the customer’s business and be a part of its success,

7. Develop metrics of customer care and customer satisfaction.

Even if times are hard, you need to intensify your marketing and selling activities — increasing prospecting, renewing ties, keeping media strategy in action, developing new markets, and expanding the sales pipeline — to neutralize recessional pressure. And since these activities contend with managing time, financial resources, people, and even competing opportunities, you have to install end-to-end standards and metrics that should tell you, at any given time, whether you are on or off the track, and if you are achieving customer satisfaction milestones. Otherwise, you might end up increasing your customer churn.

In simple closing, disprove the common B2B warning that “you are as good as your last sale.” How? Just follow the 7-Point Program, and continued repeat business due to high customer retention is much closer than you think.

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Kristijan Bralo

Written by

Content writer / Copywriter. Hire me by emailing kristijanbralo2200@hotmail.com

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +792K followers.

Kristijan Bralo

Written by

Content writer / Copywriter. Hire me by emailing kristijanbralo2200@hotmail.com

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +792K followers.

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