7 Words To Set You Apart From Every Other Business Out There

Jim Woods
Jim Woods
Aug 24 · 2 min read
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You know you’ve got a lot of competition. Whether you are a freelance writer like me who wears a lot of hats or a startup that is just getting rolling, you know you want to set yourself apart from your competitors.

What is one simple way to set yourself apart from the rest?

It just takes seven words: do what you say you’re gonna do.

These seven words will separate you from the rest of the pack. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been frustrated with other businesses, clients, friends, and acquaintances who simply don’t do what they say they will do.

The Normal Cycle

You send someone a message. They reply, and then you never hear back. Crickets.

You follow up.

More crickets.

You might try again, but you’re busy too, so you probably don’t.

It’s a vicious cycle.

And it needs to stop.

Think about it; why do so many people have problems with construction subcontractors?

Many subcontractors don’t show up. They don’t return phone calls. They don’t do what they say they’re gonna do.

The ones who do well show up. You recommend those businesses. Just being responsive — and prompt with your response is the easiest thing you can do.

Why Following Up Matters

So… why does this really matter at all? Isn’t this just how some people operate?

Sure, some people do operate this way. But they are also losing out on countless opportunities. And they are also not building lasting relationships.

It all comes down to one word: trust.

If you can’t trust someone, you simply won’t deal with them. You won’t work with them, you won’t employ them, you won’t even spend time with them.

It’s that simple. Do what you say you’re gonna do.

I challenge you to put this into use today. Follow up on those old dusty emails that fell through the cracks. Send back those text messages you meant to send. This is how you’ll set yourself apart from the rest.

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