8 Reasons to Start Email Marketing: Small Business Edition

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5 min readMay 28, 2019

As an entrepreneur, marketing coordinator or business owner you know that e-mail marketing is popular among the most successful brands.

Open your own e-mail and you’ll find plenty of content from stores and your favorite online retailers. Have you ever wondered why these entities email you so often?

It’s because e-mail marketing works extremely well for businesses in any industry. The most common reasons to use e-mail marketing include offering discounts and building brand awareness but there are a few main points and benefits to this form of marketing that we should discuss.

Email marketing for a small business

Before we get into the top benefits of using an e-mail marketing campaign for your small business, let’s take a look at how small business campaigns differ from large-scale companies.

Since local owned businesses aren’t as reputable as large scale companies you will have to show trustability to your consumers. They need to know they can depend on you for amazing service from start to finish. (including customer service)

How do you build trustworthiness?

Follow through on promises and position your brand as a friendly, humanized brand that wishes to cater to an audience before making money.

Try to avoid making everything about you, it’s truly about the consumer and this needs to show in all your marketing efforts. Listen to their needs and offer discounts for signing up to your e-mail list.

Now we can discuss the top 8 reasons to use an e-mail marketing campaign for your business.

1. Most people receive your information through e-mail

Although social media is crazy powerful for companies e-mail marketing still take the number one spot.

Most people check their emails regularly especially since you access your email from your smartphone. Essentially your customers are one notification away from seeing your new product…

TiffyG Writes
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