9 Visual Trends to Power Your Marketing Efforts in 2019

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See the latest trends in visual communication to inspire your content marketing strategy.

When it comes to content marketing, everyone wants to get in on the next big thing in visual communication. We’re here to help, with the 2019 visual trends that can be a point of inspiration for your upcoming projects.

A new year is a blank page that you can experiment with and we bring ideas and popular trends to help you experiment with visual content. This year at Depositphotos, we spotted 9 tendencies that might just help you change things up in 2019. We start off our list with a trend that derived from marketing.

Trend 1: The Era of Personalization

Photo by Oneinchpunch

A trend that derives directly from a marketing trend calls for a more personalized approach to visual content. How can you use the information you have about your clients to create a unique experience for them?

Photo by Nanihta
Photo by Malyuginphoto

Trend 2: Creative Provocation

Photo by Zamurovic

A risk taking trend about better creative solutions that entails doing something bold and memorable in order to inspire conversation about your product, brand or cause. Think outside the box to create campaigns with visuals that are thumb-stopping.

Campaign by Y&R Prague
Photo by Skynextphoto

Trend 3: Nostalgic Flashbacks

Photo by Faraonsas

References to past decades works particularly well depending on your target audience and what they consider as a nostalgic time. Draw inspiration from the past to appeal to a specific audience that can appreciate you going old school.

Photo by Tekillazzz

Trend 4: Embracing Art History

Photo by vova130555@gmail.com

Another popular point of inspiration is the styles and great masters of the past. Direct references to classical art but with a modern twist is popular in 2019 as seen on social media and picked up by a few brands for campaigns.

Photo by KrisCole

Trend 5: First Global Aesthetic

Photo by alkir_dep

Cafes are suspiciously starting to look the same, and social media has a heavy hand in influencing an aesthetic that is quickly taking over the world and shaping the spaces we frequent. It’s not just interior design, as the “Instagrammable” factor is taken into consideration for many creative solutions.

Photo by olegbreslavtsev

Trend 6: Adding Layers of Interaction

To get people to pay attention and engage with content, interactive elements and especially websites do the trick. The trend in 2019 is integrating integration into promoting content online.

Video by mooveen

Trend 7: 3D Design Transition

Design by georgejmclittle

Graphic designers are experimenting with 3D designs and challenging static visuals. Including 3D elements creates more visual interest and is generally trendy if you’re working on content for online publications.

Design by BugFish

Trend 8: Minimalism Gets Philosophical

Photo by Caiaimage

The most simple photographs can include subtle details that elevate plain visuals to something more thought provoking. Minimalism can also be a point of discussion if we dig below the surface of what we see.

Photo by Westend61

Trend 9: A New Wave of Environmental Awareness

Photo by EBFoto

Plastic waste was the talk of 2018, and environmental concerns are making headlines because the time to act is now. Majority of consumers prefer brands that take a stance on social and environmental issues. What’s your stance and what will you advocate for in 2019?

Photo by Maxoidos

Visit the visual trends webpage for more:

Standing out from the digital noise is no easy task, but we’re offering a different look at ways to improve your visual content strategy. Draw inspiration from the 2019 visual trends and see how you can integrate new ideas, movements, styles, and aesthetics to your marketing strategy to do something different and memorable.

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