90% of Fortune 500 Companies Use an Applicant Tracking System, what’s it?

Hardik Vishwakarma
Dec 17, 2018 · 5 min read
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Source: Recooty.com

“Hiring great talents is the most important task” — Darshna Bais, Recooty

An Applicant Tracking System basically handles the recruitment process electronically by filtering, organizing and streamlining the job applications according to the job postings. An Application Tracking System simply reduces the complexity of the recruitment process by providing a simple centralized platform to view applicants, track their progress through the hiring process and filter the applications and resumes based on different requirements specified in the job postings.

Features of an Applicant Tracking System

1. Job Posting

2. Branded Careers Page

3. Candidate Tracking and Management

4. Interview scheduling

5. Management of Workflow

Benefits of Applicant Tracking System

The Various Benefits of An Applicant Tracking Software are:

1. Finds The Best Fit For a Job

2. Speeds Up The Hiring Process

3. Is Cost-Efficient

4. Increases Relevance Of Job Application

5. Helps You in Building A Great Team For Your Organization

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Here is what Tim Sackett, one of the most respected recruitment experts in the world had to say when he was asked who should be using an applicant tracking system:

“We moved into this space in our history where recruiting technology has never been so affordable, meaning organizations no longer have an excuse not to have it. Great tech is so cheap now that if you don’t have it, you’re making a personal choice to stay in the dark ages of recruiting! For SMBs this has never been more real. SMBs can now have even better recruiting technology than their enterprise peers. While enterprise folks get big, vanilla based recruiting technology, SMB shops can move faster to integrate the latest and greatest tech on the market. It’s such an exciting time to be in talent acquisition, the availability of world class technology is transforming how we all recruit on a daily basis.”

To know more about the applicant tracking system, visit: www.recooty.com

Originally published on: https://recooty.com/blog/what-is-an-applicant-tracking-system/

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