90% of Fortune 500 Companies Use an Applicant Tracking System, what’s it?

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“Hiring great talents is the most important task” — Darshna Bais, Recooty

An Applicant Tracking System basically handles the recruitment process electronically by filtering, organizing and streamlining the job applications according to the job postings. An Application Tracking System simply reduces the complexity of the recruitment process by providing a simple centralized platform to view applicants, track their progress through the hiring process and filter the applications and resumes based on different requirements specified in the job postings.

Features of an Applicant Tracking System

Here are few of the amazing features of an Applicant Tracking System that can help to ease out recruitment process efficiently-

1. Job Posting

An applicant tracking software provides the facility to post job openings to a wide range of free and paid job boards with a single click. Posting jobs through an ATS help the recruiters to get an expansive reach for getting the perfect candidate.

2. Branded Careers Page

2/3rd of all the job seekers come to your website when they are interested in working with you. Building and maintaining a careers page can be a tedious task for all companies. One of the biggest advantages of an applicant tracking system is that it helps in creating a branded careers page, it is as simple as changing your background image and bio on Instagram.

3. Candidate Tracking and Management

The number one headache is the irrelevant resumes that your choke mailboxes when you are hiring. Here ATS plays a vital role, it simply tracks the applications which are most relevant to the various criteria mentioned by the recruiter in the job opening, collects them together at a single platform and manages them all together to bring out the best of the talents suited for the post.

4. Interview scheduling

An Applicant Tracking System also helps the recruiters master their interview schedule as well as skills. An ATS helps you to set specified interview dates and time for candidates to choose from their own online portal which indeed replaces the need for frequent emails and calls for communicating purpose.

5. Management of Workflow

The recruiting life cycle is nuanced and complex. Without the proper structure, it’s easy to accidentally skip a necessary step in the process. An ATS enables a recruitment unit to manage the entire recruiting process easily, from job submission to building great teams.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking System

As the name suggests itself, an Applicant Tracking System tracks different candidates throughout the recruitment process. It helps in issuing notification alerts, scheduling and organizing the applications and send automated emails to the selected candidates regarding the further steps of hiring. But Applicant Tracking System software is a lot more than just organizers.

The Various Benefits of An Applicant Tracking Software are:

1. Finds The Best Fit For a Job

Applicant Tracking Systems efficiently reduces the gap between job seekers and their desired jobs. Hiring a candidate through an ATS who fulfills all the criteria mentioned in the job posting can help increase candidate experience and helps maintain candidate retention.

2. Speeds Up The Hiring Process

ATS is basically designed to speed up the HR’s task of reviewing job applications and resumes. Before coming to a real person, the different applications and resumes get filtered according to the keywords and criteria of the job posting by an ATS. This speeds up the hiring process efficiently.

3. Is Cost-Efficient

In a recent survey the companies which don’t use a recruitment tool spend about $1,872 on average to hire someone new. Most ATS is quite cheaper and more efficient than the various other methods of recruiting and reaching out to candidates like advertisements in various mass media platforms, posting in job portals etc. This makes ATS quite cost-efficient.

4. Increases Relevance Of Job Application

One of the main goals of an ATS is to cull the candidates. The streamlining of job applications that an ATS does on the basis of the requirements mentioned in the job openings, reduces the number of irrelevant applications and help the recruiters to choose from the best of the candidates available.

5. Helps You in Building A Great Team For Your Organization

This is the most important advantage of using an ATS, an applicant tracking system is remarkably effective while building your dream organization. The fact is 90% of FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES use Applicant Tracking Software to build great teams.

Here is what Tim Sackett, one of the most respected recruitment experts in the world had to say when he was asked who should be using an applicant tracking system:

“We moved into this space in our history where recruiting technology has never been so affordable, meaning organizations no longer have an excuse not to have it. Great tech is so cheap now that if you don’t have it, you’re making a personal choice to stay in the dark ages of recruiting! For SMBs this has never been more real. SMBs can now have even better recruiting technology than their enterprise peers. While enterprise folks get big, vanilla based recruiting technology, SMB shops can move faster to integrate the latest and greatest tech on the market. It’s such an exciting time to be in talent acquisition, the availability of world class technology is transforming how we all recruit on a daily basis.”

To know more about the applicant tracking system, visit: www.recooty.com

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