A Conversation with Emma Regolini, Digital Artist

Mia Nguyen
Jun 6, 2019 · 4 min read
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Photo by Emma Regolini

Emma Regolini is a digital artist who works with clean lines to enhance beautiful imagery and photographs. Her case study explores the understanding of online media consumption and behaviors. Her work has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Glamour Magazine. Her clients include Club Monaco, Adobe, Chillhouse NYC, Bower Swimwear, and more. In this inspiring interview, Emma shares with us how she started The Line, her process, and motivations behind her work.

What do you do?
I am a digital artist. By this, I mean I ‘artistically enhance’ (already beautiful) imagery with lines or by other digital mediums. I also collaborate with brands to create prints or designs, which are then transferred onto apparel. I am currently experimenting with wall graphic interiors, which I think is a really interesting market.

What is the most meaningful lesson that you have learned that is incorporated into your work and life?
I think to take risks and push yourself because no one is going to do it for you. I know it’s repeated a lot but I really do believe in the hustle and that hard work, persistence and resilience can get you a really long way.

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Photo by Emma Regolini

Describe your work and your process?
I always find it quite hard to explain my work to the average person. I generally describe my work as a process of drawing over images to add a different style or layer of creative expression. All of my work is done in Photoshop and drawing on a tablet. I source a lot of my imagery from Tumblr and other Instagram accounts, however, I source a lot of my inspiration from different cultural happenings such as HOMECOMING Cultural Festival, the Brother Vellies brand, and creatives like Tyler Mitchell, Margaret Zhang, and Ruba Abu-Nimah.

How do you stay creative?
Sometimes I find the best way to stay creative is to really disconnect from social media and go and research different topics, cultures or events (or things you’ve been meaning to read up on). Go outside and get into nature a bit. I think educating yourself and informing yourself is a great way to get inspired or understand things from a different perspective. However, I know disconnecting from social media isn’t always an option, so I still really like jumping from curation accounts to other creatives, to photographers to designers on Instagram to get inspired and stay creative. Sleep is also important!

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Photo by Emma Regolini

When did you start your project The Line?
I started this project ‘The Line’ in mid-2016 to try and understand how people were engaging with content online, more particularly, if the content was aesthetically enhanced (through lines or other creative mediums) would it attract more favorable attention? I really wanted to understand, I guess the effect of ‘art infusion’ whereby; will someone consider an image ‘more intriguing’ if it were artistically enhanced? Art infusion itself is an interesting phenomenon particularly in the luxury industry (Murakami x LV, Alexander McQueen x Damien Hirst, etc).

What are you hoping that people take away from your work?
I hope that people, particularly young people, see and believe in the potential for art and commerce to work together. In the beginning, the purpose of the account was to better understand engagement and media consumption behaviors, it still is, however now it’s more so a creative portfolio for potential clients or employers. Through my collaborations, I want to show people how you can transfer your ideas into tangible objects; I think it’s inspiring.

Tell us about your move to London from Australia and why you took the leap.
While I was completing my thesis year at university last year, I was accepted into the master's program at London College of Fashion for this coming year. So my initial reason for moving was to do my masters however I’ve deferred the program for the foreseeable future to get some hands-on experience in the fashion/marketing/consultancy industries.

What are you looking forward to the most about your adventure?
Moving from Western Australia to London is like looking at two different ends of a spectrum. WA is very laid back and a much slower pace which is lovely, but I’m really hungry for more of a challenge, to meet new and likeminded people, to be a part of that culture, faster pace of life and more vibrant creative industries.

What do you like to do outside of your work?
Outside of my creative work, as much as I would like to say I meditate and read. The reality is, like a lot of young people, I still work casual jobs around the clock as well as processing orders for interiors. However, I really do like to prioritize exercising for my mental health as well as catching up on articles and media that I’ve had bookmarked over the weeks generally from iD or The Face and anything from venture capital investing to Business of Fashion.

You can view more of Emma’s work here and follow her on Instagram.

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