A Graph on COVID-19 cases in Singapore

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7 min readMar 28, 2020

It started when I was trying to keep up with the daily covid-19 updates from the Ministry of Health (MOH). At some point, it became pretty confusing “who is linked to who and where” so I created a simple graph to help me visualise the connections. Over time, I added filter and search functions to make it easier and quicker to find information about the cases and clusters.

You can explore the graph at https://www.maventechnologies.com.sg/covid-19/.

Here’s a simple video to illustrate some of the functions in the web page.

Behind the Scenes

I feel I have to say this. I am not targeting any case or cluster. I bring them up only to help explain some of the concepts.

These are the processes and tools I have used to build the page.

Processes and tools for the project

The landscape has changed a lot since I started the project in early Feb. Looking back, I can actually categorise the work done under 3 main tasks:

  1. processing the daily source data; affects statistics, data integrity, search capability
  2. implementing the graph; route nodes, reduce load time, maintain User Experience (UX)
  3. miscellaneous; resolve bugs, add features, analyse graph for insights

Visually, it looks like this.

Timeline and scope of project

Let’s look at the evolution of the first two items in more details.

Processing Source Data

The source data is easily the most critical component of the project. It affects the graph, statistics, filter, search, everything! There have been 3 revisions so far.

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