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A Guide to Getting a Developer Job When You Have Zero Coding Knowledge

1. Start with the basics — HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

2. Learn how to troubleshoot

indeed it is
  • Learn to use your code editor’s debugger. I recommend Visual Studio Code.
  • Search for your error message on Stack Overflow and you may see some responses and solutions for it already posted. Keep in mind that some suggestions are better than others and may or may not work for you.
  • Read the documentation. This is self-explanatory but too often overlooked. If you’re working with a particular framework or language, dig into the official docs for guidance.

3. Go forth and make stuff

4. Learn the basics of Git and GitHub

Octocat, GitHub mascot

5. Get your own website

6. Start a coding blog or teach it to someone

7. Explore hardware projects

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8. Attend job fairs

9. Prep for a coding interview

10. Join the tech community

  • Women Who Code
  • NodeSchool
  • Tech events at local co-working spaces and companies
  • Leverage your LinkedIn network and join tech groups



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