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A life changing method to manage your time

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The concept

  1. Inbox: New stuff
  2. Freezer: Things that I will have to do in the future
  3. Waiting Response: Things which I can’t do on my own
  4. To-Do: Things I can do now


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  1. Keep your mind clean. Our capabilities are limited, if you are working on something and thinking in something else then it’s very likely that you don’t achieve your greatest potential. Doing two things at the same time is the faster way to fail at both.
  2. Ensure you don’t miss anything important. When a new input arrive you don’t decide if it’s important or not, if it’s worth putting it on your inbox or not. No, it doesn’t work this way. You put everything in your inbox, if it’s more or less relevant you will decide it later.

Don’t waste your focus on coming task or information, just send it to your inbox, you will decide what to do later on.

Processing your inbox

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1. Does it really have to be done?

If it is not a task then store it somewhere else, this is a place for tasks only.

2. Can you do it in a couple of minutes?

3. Are you the right person to do it?

  1. Provide context and purpose.
  2. Explain exactly what need to be done, the output.
  3. Establish a death line.

4. Is it a task or a project?

  1. Give it a name.
  2. Split it into smaller individual task.
  3. Create a follow-up task to track the project as a whole.
  4. Label all these tasks with the project name.
  5. Put all of them in the inbox to process individually

5. What if it is not a project but just a series of subtasks?

6. Is it the right moment/place to do it?

Process flow chart.

Now that you know how to process your inbox let’s move to the other panels.


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Waiting response

  1. Check if you got answer
  2. Insist if you don’t


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