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A Small SVG Pitfall in React

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

When we want to use SVG image in React, we may import it like this:

import {ReactComponent as Logo} from "./logo.svg";

In my project, the logo.svg is a X for user to click to delete the item in the list.

I added an onClick function to it as below:

When we click on the X, the item is undefined. Hence, we can not delete it correctly. However, when we click on the space outside X, but within that square area, it can retrieve the item correctly from the data-item.

The crux of the issue is that we are using which is referencing the actual target that received the click. In this case, the <path> tag. The data-item is on<svg> tag. Therefor, we cannot get the correct data.

It will only happen on SVG graphic as it is a vector graphic defined by a group of paths, boxes, circles, text etc. So, when we clicked on a SVG graphic, we may actually clicked on the paths, boxes, circles, text etc. but not the <svg> itself.


To solve it, we should use event.currentTarget, which is always the object listening for the event. It always refers to the element to which the event handler has been attached(which is <svg> tag in this case as we added the onClick event handler to it).




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