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A to Z About the New Progressive JavaScript Framework for Development — VueJS

Vue.js is one of the most popular open-source frameworks used by developers to create mobile and web apps. A survey says that there are around 207k websites using Vue.js. It is the middle layer of the Model View Controller (MVC) used in the JavaScript platform.

Vue.js is a framework that only requires an easy adoption of the script tag to help the developers create an app. It is a platform that works smoothly for the view layer and fulfills all the requirements. With this framework, the developers can easily develop applications like, TuneIn, and more.

The Vue.js developers can work with this progressive JavaScript framework and create a compelling UI. The core development layer of this Vue.js works on the app’s general experience and enables the developers to integrate different tools & libraries with it freely. Vue.js aims at providing robust single-page applications (SAP).

In this blog, we will have A to Z information about the most progressive JavaScript framework, Vue.

What is Vue.js?

Vue is one of the most progressive JavaScript frameworks used for creating user-interface. It is designed to be incrementally adoptable. Vue’s core library is directed towards the view layer only.

1. Vue Components

The Vue.js components are the extension of HTML elements that enable the developers to encapsulate the reusable code. Besides this, Vue’s custom elements also help the compiler in the code in the highest level of work.

2. Transitions & Animations

Vue.js offers a transition effect that can be used while removing, updating, or inserting in the DOM. Different tools used for this are — Velocity.js, Animate.css, and more.

When you insert or remove anything from the transition components, then Vue.js can quickly identify whether the transition or CSS animations are present in the target element or not. And then, at the right timing, the transition can be inserted or removed.

3. Vue Templates

When we talk about the Vue ecosystem, HTML-based template syntax binds the rendering of DOM by using instant data. Even the HTML parsers use these templates for spec-compliant and parsing browsers.

4. Reactivity System

The reactivity system of Vue.js makes it a perfect technology for the developers. It uses JavaScript objects to make it simple for app developers who optimize the rendering process.

The rendering process tracks the reactive dependencies by all the components. This lets the components know when to render the system or re-render it.

5. Library Support

Vue.js development has various libraries that can help the developers create a unique and robust application. These libraries are-

  • Vue-router

The Vue-router is integrated with the Vue.js to create the apps in a simpler manner. This library can be used for creating Single Page Apps.

  • Vue-test-utils

Vue-test-utils is a tool that enables the developers to test the app.

  • Vuex

Vuex is used as a pattern and state management library that can work as a centralized store in the Vue.js apps.

  • Vue-CLI

Vue-CLI is used for single-page applications.

  • Vue-class-components

This library is used for the class-based API.

Advantages of Vue.js

1. Easy to Learn

Vue.js’ popularity is increasing day by day because it is one of the easiest frameworks to learn. The simple structure of Vue.js enables the users to add it to the web project easily. By using Vue.js, the developers can create both small and large scale templates that can save a lot of time. When working with Vue.js, if any problem occurs, the user can easily track the errors.

2. Super Fast

The majority of the JavaScript frameworks are fast, but Vue.js is considered the most responsive framework. Vue.js is much light-weight in comparison to other front-end frameworks, especially during rendering.

3. CLI

Vue.js offers CLI to the developers to trench faster. CLI provides a modern and convenient development environment for developers. It comes with different template options like Browserify. If you have to scaffold the application, but it is difficult for you to deal with boilerplate code, then Vue.js is the best solution.

4. Detailed Documentation

When any framework provides detailed documentation, it becomes easier for the developers to work with it, especially when it’s his first application. With Vue.js, you can get comprehensive documentation and provide all the required information about HTML and JavaScript.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility is the most advantageous feature of Vue.js. With this framework’s help, the developers can write a template in JavaScript file, pure JavaScript file, an HTML file. Because of Vue.js’s flexibility, it is easy for developers to understand this framework and develop simple apps that can directly run on web browsers.

Why go for Vue.js?

The adaptable nature of Vue.js makes it more popular amongst the developers. Let’s see why is it so -

1. Composable Components

The composable components of the Vue.js framework are a vital factor. Vue.js supports a massive number of components that can make app development easier. This framework uses HTML tags to help in creating child components. These features of Vue.js enable the developers to develop a large-scale app with self-contained, reusable, and small components. Besides this, modeling with Vue.js becomes easier as it is connected with web components spec.

2. Virtual DOM

When we talk about the Vue.js ecosystem, DOM plays an important role. With virtual DOM, the communication between the codes and HTML. This makes it easy to send and receive the required information from HTML. The virtual DOM enables you to create a Vue.js code copy on it instead of the browser DOM. This allows the developers to understand the changes better, and they can decide if it will be the right change or not.

3. Performance

Vue.js is one of the smallest and fastest frameworks available in the market. Therefore, app developers opt for Vue.js, as it is easy to download and use. Besides this, it offers the highest performance. Speed is one of the most crucial aspects of mobile app development frameworks to be popular and useful.

4. Easy to Use

By including one line of code, the developers can use Vue.js with the JavaScript code. It is one of the easiest languages to learn, as it offers detailed documentation and syntax. Vue.js becomes easy to understand for the developers who have already worked with AngularJS and jQuery.

5. Reactive Data-Binding

The data-driven concept of Vue.js app development reflects the data in DOM. Whenever the data changes, the DOM gets automatically updated.

Get Started With Vue.js

With the use of the Vue.js framework, the developers can create website UI. Let’s see how to start using Vue.js-

1. Download Vue.js to Include it in the Project

To include Vue.js in your project, download it using the following command -

<script src=”"></script>

Once the file loads, it will put into the global scope constructor named Vue. This constructor can be called by passing an object with the configuration information. This can help in creating a Vue instance.

2. Call Vue

Now let’s call it with the imaginable object.

new Vue



el: ‘#main’



Here in the above code, the el property informs Vue that in what elements your UI will appear. Vue automatically finds the element that matches the selector and stores it in the property of the instance, $el.

The element’s content will be considered a template, and it will automatically get rendered.

The below code of HTML will call the Vue constructor and will palace it in the script.js file.

<!doctype html>



<title>My Vue.js App</title>



<div id=”main”>

<p>{{ ‘Hello World!’ }}

<p>2 + 2 = {{ 2 + 2 }}


<script src=”"></script>

<script src=”script.js”></script>



The result of the above code -

Hello World!


The above code was a simple “Hello World” program that every developer learned at the start.


As we saw in this blog, Vue.js is one of the most used frameworks amongst developers in recent times. It is used by them via Static HTML or Vue CLI for app development. The Vue.js app development company can provide us a better UI for the applications with CSS and HTML. Vue also works perfectly when integrated with other frameworks like Angular, Knockout, or React. Therefore it is easy for developers to build apps for any domain using this framework. Besides this, Vue is a framework that has the third most popular JavaScript library and a good star count in GitHub.

If you are looking forward to having a fantastic application for your business, then hire a Vue.js developer, who can make the perfect use of this framework to help you take your business digital.



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