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A-to-Z tools to use & to keep an eye on

As a kid, while learning the alphabet, I always had a word coming with each letter. This inspired me to make the startups’ & tools’ alphabet with my favourite products. From A to Z.

Corina Stirbu
Mar 14, 2019 · 9 min read

Tool — an instrument used to shape, form, finish or accelerate our efforts to transform our ideas into actions in the easiest manner possible.

I tackled the topic of tools many times in the past, so you may know by now that I love great tools or browser extensions and I do use them a lot. And yes, I also think that using too many of them or overanalysing their power can give us either a creativity boost or a cut-off.

Anyway, these days, while browsing through some children books, it came into my mind that as a kid when we were learning the alphabet, we always had a word with each letter and a sentence.

Which gave me the brilliant idea of making the startups & tools alphabet with my favourite products :D
— and yes, most of them are from Europe.
Also, I completely missed J and K. So, if you have any recommendations there: do comment!

Check out the alphabet of the tech products that I love! 👇

The amazing tool that I first learned about in one of the Startup Weekends that I organised in the past and I kept using it for online meetings/calls: no sign-in required, no personal data share, excellent audio, video, screen share option, chat and locked rooms. I definitely ♥ these guys!

BBrand Mentions 👥
A really nice tool for brand and media monitoring. I have to admit that even though I like the tool, I find it a bit over-priced. But still, a tool to keep an eye on!

BBook Vitals / (LE: currently named Underline)
This is a must-have app if you are reading lots of books and you have an endless number of notes in your Google keep, gdrive, on your phone or if you use pen and paper or take photos with some quotes. It has a super cool OCR tool, so you can just take a pic of your book page and everything will be transformed in a text in no time, you can just use your voice-to-text and many more other features (ideas set up, quotes, media etc)

C 🙌
I super fell in love with this tool. It is quite simple, but it will let you know about every move of your competitors: social media posts, website changes, using keywords, engagement etc. I definitely recommend them to keep an eye on the competition and to do proper research for new clients! And their CEO is super open to feedback and ideas ❤

CCognitiveSEO 🔗
The second C in my alphabet goes to these guys for their work on crawling your site and making a proper backlink analysis and content audit.

D DPOrganizer
GDPR was super hot when it was enforced by the EU, but the fees only started to strike this year. These guys from Amsterdam developed a privacy management software in 2015 and customized it to help you map, visualize, report and manage your processing of personal data in order to be GDPR compliant too.

E Eternime
Even though this app is in private beta, you may want to check it out. It may sound a bit creepy at first, but the point of using is it to preserve your thoughts, memories and stories forever, so you can pass it to the younger generations in your family. Basically, it creates a very smart digital persona that will look and think like you and will live forever to pass on your memories.

F First Promoter 📣
If you’re a SaaS owner or marketer, you may want to look into this! This is the go-to platform that allows you to track, manage and optimize any type of referral. And it is super easy to use by affiliates as well!

his is, by far, one of the most used and loved tools on my computer. It helps me a lot in writing a clear message and to get corrections from writing emails, posts on social media or when I work on slack, gdocs, jira, zendesk and many more. It’s a must have (especially if you are not a native in English)

personal archive with my last weekly report from Grammarly

H Hootsuite
This is the social media management platform to schedule all your content in no-time in a single dashboard.

I Intercom
It has everything you need to make your business go smoothly: chat, triggers, help centre. Everything. I love it ❤

J and K (not Rolling) are missing :D sorry?!

No matter if I spot a bug, I make an explainer or an app tour or just randomly showing something, I definitely use Loom. It is incredibly easy to use from the browser extension, the videos are flawless and the generated link works like a charm. I super recommend it!

Ok, this is not just an app, but an actual hardware and software solution that will turn any surface into a smart augmented reality [or interactive] surface. To make it easy: you turn on the lamp and you can use it to send scan your papers and upload them into your cloud service, to order something from a menu or to collaborate on the same piece of paper with someone.

MMoqups 💻
As a marketer for a tech product and a co-founder at a marketing agency, I always have to send some mockups to show or explain how a site will look like or to work with the designer on the wireframes & UI for a new product or feature. This tends to be a pain most of the time, but Moqups proved to be the fastest and easiest tool to use up until now ❤

Everyone will tell you to install Duolingo to learn a new language, but you may check Mondly too. It has an amazing onboarding, a bot to talk to and a way more engaging and useful lessons road (e.g. you can learn expressions and words for going out, travel, food, public transportation etc). I definitely learned faster with them — no kidding. I was able to ask for food, wine, coffee, bus tickets and movie tickets in Germany only with my online lessons within this app. Bonus: there’s a lifetime deal for their app right now!

NNifty Learning
If you’re a trainer manager in badass enterprise and you spend too much time in a spreadsheet, doing the paper-work and a long ping-pong session through the mails to make the training session happen, you may just found your time saver. Nifty Learning will give you a digital hand in implementing a training plan, track, collaborate and assign tasks and analyse your training budgets.

If you love data and testing, this is what you were looking for — and there was a lifetime deal with the tool not long ago too. Omniconvert helps you optimize your conversions and grow your business through A/B testing, traffic segmentation, surveys and advanced reports.

P Planable
A social media collaboration tool that will end your pain regarding posts’ approval and will make the clients’ feedback a piece of cake. The UI looks like the social media channel you make the planning for (e.g. Facebook) and all you have to do is to add the content and show it to your clients. Their feedback will be in the comments and they do not have to learn how to use it cuz it looks native.

P Pixteller
I got this recommendation as an alternative to Canva, but with animations. I checked it out and it’s way more advanced in terms of features while still keeping it simple: you can animate objects, use layers, the colour swatch is nicer and many more small things that make the difference in terms of design. I’d say that this is definitely an underrated product.

Most probably, you know about them by now (unless you live under a rock or you are a super artsy person who does not care about money much). Revolut is the go-to solution for travellers and for anyone exchanging money quite often. But it is exactly what your bank should do and it doesn’t: spending analytics, limits, virtual cards, crypto wallet, a few taps-away travel insurance and much more.

No idea where are these guys from, but their app definitely helped me a bit to fight my sleep deprivation times.

S Slack
Everyone knows them, so no need to make a presentation. But it definitely helps you work with your team way more easy and fast.

Not a B2C daily product, but a fucking awesome B2B software. These guys learn a user typing DNA and recognise it no matter what you type? Can you imagine that? verifying your identity without having your ID, phone, some 3rd party auth system or a microchip somewhere under your skin (China, I am pointing at you). Definitely, a product to keep your eyes and keyboard on!

U UIPath
If you have an enterprise and you are looking for Robotic Process Automation, these are your guys — because an RPA software ‘robot’ never sleeps, makes zero mistakes and is considerably faster. If you are not into this, check out their UIPath Academy. It has a bunch of great technical and non-technical free course that you may want.

screenshots are taken from the UIPath Academy dashboard

VVisitor Analytics
This is my favourite tool as you can imagine :D The website analytics tool that makes all the data and graphs easy and fancy. It is not built on top of Google, which makes it super GDPR compliant and more flexible in terms of data and it has everything you need to know about your website within a couple of clicks away. I totally love it!

My fav website builder platform: clean, fancy, easy to use and super easy to manage. I totally love it. And I love their marketing as well. ❤

X Xiaomi Mi Band
The (cheap and water-resistant) wearable that helped me fight my sleep deprivation by keeping track of my time and physical activity.

I’ve been testing lots of SEO tools, but Yoast is (by far) my favourite! It helps you with your website optimization, gives you suggestions on your text and makes you forget about all the SEO hassle.

While in real-life startups' hubs there is a community-glue person to connect everyone, in the digital-working life Zapier is the glue that connects a bunch of web apps and makes them work together.

1 123contactform
Incredibly easy to create forms by using a drag and drop option: no coding needed — which is awesome.

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Corina Stirbu

Written by

Working with tech products that always have a cause and solve a problem | Data-Driven Marketer • Strategist • Product & Startup Enthusiast • Occasional Speaker

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +792K followers.

Corina Stirbu

Written by

Working with tech products that always have a cause and solve a problem | Data-Driven Marketer • Strategist • Product & Startup Enthusiast • Occasional Speaker

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +792K followers.

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