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A Wily Strategy for Finding Hidden Advantages (Like Free $) Everyone Else Overlooks…

…Be a Sucker.

Sarah Cy
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3 min readMar 31, 2024


I’m not talking about being a lollipop, though I’ve nothing against stick-bound candies.

I’m talking about being a “sucker” in the active verb sense:

Someone that, like a vacuum cleaner, sucks up every detailed, tiny thing about a topic.

I learned this tip from a copywriting mentor, who in turn learned it (I believe) from the late great Gary Halbert.

It goes like this:

If you find a book worth reading, or a person worth learning from, suck up every bit of knowledge you can get from that source.

In other words, don’t just skim.

Don’t read, peruse, dabble, or listen while doing your chores.

Take your time, dig deep, and seek out every morsel of goodness you can get from the person and/or their work.

Go further than anyone else has gone before in your quest to deeply understand and find all you can on this person/topic.


Because the best gems are hidden a few layers deep, and most people never find them.

Case in point:



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