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Aelf Developer Bounty Program !!! Inviting bright minds to built together !!!

Would you like to support Aelf in creating an impressive and secure Blockchain, while you can also earn some cool Aelf coins as well?

If yes then Read on !!!!

Irrespective of the market conditions, Aelf has ensured to keep on BUILDing and delivering the set milestones laid out in the roadmap. In June 2018, Aelf testnet was launched, and It went on to clock an incredible achievement of 14,968 TPS.

Aelf has ensured to provide maximum attention for R&D in the past year. Thanks to the efforts, Aelf is now regarded as one of the most active public blockchain projects and has received lots of positive reviews from several code review agencies as well as always in the top spot in regards to Github commits as well. As per the latest statics from cryptomiso, Aelf is at 5th spot in terms of Github commits along with other projects like INS, ZRX, HOT etc.

Apart from concentrating on product development, Aelf has also taken bold steps by launching the Innovation Alliance, which is a global partnership that leads real business application and adoption of blockchain technology.

With the upcoming launch of the Aelf mainnet in Q2, 2019, Aelf has launched the first wave of Developer bounty. The bounties will be provided by the Aelf team and aim to support freelance developers to improve the Aelf ecosystem.

Help to build a secure wallet (PC, Android, iOS) for the Aelf blockchain which can transfer both Elf token as well as Aelf sidechain tokens. The developer will also be responsible for Wallet maintenance which includes future upgrades, bug fixing, troubleshooting etc

Rewards: Pls contact

Help to develop debug tools to test smart contracts for functionality, security flaws, with insights/error codes into debugging without running on Aelf.

🎫 The Software development Kit (SDK) can be used in IDE’s such as Visual Studio/VS code/Rider.. etc

🎫Contracts should run successfully on aelf after passing the test

🎫 Responsible for future maintenance, upgrades, bug fixes etc

Reward Range: 35,000 ELF — 85,000 ELF.

Help to develop Aelf Based dApps with other languages

🎫 Same features as the javascript SDK (official)

🎫 SDK should have good test case coverage, design and coding style

🎫 Responsible for future maintenance, upgrades, bug fixes etc

Reward Range: 10,000 ELF — 25,000 ELF.

If you feel you are up to the task, shoot an email to In the future, If you prove to be a master of your trade you may have a chance to be a full time employee of Aelf as well.

Sounds awesome !! What are you waiting for.

Based out of Singapore, Aelf is a decentralized platform for cloud computing blockchain network, that is trying to develop be the operating system exclusively for blockchains. As per the team “aelf is planning to be the “Linux system” of the Blockchain, enabling organizations to build their own systems with any consensus mechanism desired on the blockchain. It is basically a decentralized, self-evolving cloud computing network also capable of cross-chain interaction.

Aelf was recently in news for the Aelf Innovation Alliance. The main aim behind the initiative is to accelerate blockchain adaptation among the enterprises. . Besides Aelf other members of the Innovation Alliance includes Michael Arrington( creator of TechCrunch), Signum Capital(Singapore-based digital fund), FBG Capital (an Asian blockchain hedge fund), Roland Berger(Strategy consultancy company based out of Germany) and Huobi labs( blockchain incubation wing of Huobi). You can read more about the same here

Going forward

This is just the first wave of developer bounty. I’m sure that there will be additional bounties which may cover new developer bounties as well as bug and security bounties in the near future.

For more updates

· aelf Telegram community: English, Türkçe, Español, 한국, 日本語, 中文русский, العربية, Deutsch, Italiano, Français, हिन्दी, and Tiếng Việt,

· aelf Twitter

· aelf Facebook

· aelf YouTube

· aelf Instagram

· aelf Reddit

· aelf Medium (for the latest update and articles)

· aelf Github (complete aelf project codes)

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as investment advice. As always DYOR before investing.

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