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Agile project management in our team at UX Gorilla

One of our team meetings.

Monday morning and all we feel is re-energized. Ready for the next goals and challenges of the day.

We are a team of 6 and no one does anything alone. It’s the beauty and strength of Agile mindset that we have on our team. So, let’s discuss the elephant in the room.

The problem with the tech industry today is the demand changes, the expectation changes and no one has got the time to make it happen. We shifted from a model where everything is dropped one after the another (waterfall) to a very much incremental approach, Where everything is done in bits and pieces and shipped early.

Why Agile Project Management?

Before discussing why Agile let’s discuss Agile? Agile Project Management is a software development approach which brings members together; let them work in a collaborative environment. Which is iterative in nature. Agile is an umbrella term for the set of methods and practices used for developing software.

Work early but craft incremental experiences with an end vision” -Karen Leong

How Agile Project Management helps:-

1. Embrace planning, not the plan.

Over the time we learned that we should plan more often. We are sold on the idea of planning where we have to be but the solutions to the problems change with the needs, changes in the expectations in a dedicated time frame.

“Planning Is Everything. The Plan Is Nothing.” –Dwight Eisenhower

2. You can’t be stuck long.

We practice Extreme Programming in our team in which pair programming which helps our team in solving a bigger problem with two or more people on the same screen.

He climbs highest who helps another up”- Zig Zigler

3. Daily Evaluation.

We prefer a culture of morning meetings where everyone discusses the Problems and Progress of last day, Goals for today and dependencies amongst the team with a time-bound to avoid the unnecessary. The daily Evaluation of the Problem, Quality, and Duration of the premium delivery.

The more elaborate our means of communication the less we communicate” — J. B. Priestley

4. Fix faster.

We have the freedom to try new things and fail. As we follow Incremental solutions we are less likely needed to change all the things all together. If something goes wrong shift to last days build and you are good to go again.

If you want a guarantee buy a toaster” — Clint Eastwood

5. Iterate fast.

We have daily goals, we evaluate needs on daily basis and decide what we have to change and works with our pipeline structure as well.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to the change.” -Stephen Hawking

6. Often Feedback and Meetings.

We all sit together at least twice a day to bring the whole team on the same page and also to get the feedback on the latest build that we have.

“None of us is as smart as all of us..” -Ken Blanchard

How Agile helps:-

  • As an Individual member of a team, we all need to be on our toes in matters of flexibility.
  • We complement each other in making processes.
  • We encourage everyone to be the voice; no matter how gentle.
  • We motivate to learn fast, learn often.
  • Our work shouldn’t be perfect but we make sure it should work.
  • We appreciate and share the progress no matter how small.
  • We help and motivate each other to find what works best for the users and teams.

Agile Project Management: In Action

Our day starts with the morning meeting with a timer so as to keep a check on the unnecessary; where we talk about the problems and progress of the last day the goals and works for today with the dependencies for all the team member and if any other help is required. We use trello internally to keep the whole team on the same page. We work together on the various issues and share the build at least once every day with the team and change as we get feedback.

Our Developers use a single big screen when implementing the build it makes the problems easier to solve; “Small works, done well, and quickly”. We respond to changes in following a guide for making it even more functional. For us, the working software is more important than a comprehensive documentation.

For Agile teams it doesn’t matter if you follow scrum or kanban, you should be able to produce; In the end, it should work. What works well as a group, is what needed.

For Agile to work you should

  • Find a highly motivated team, believes in delivering.
  • You should have faith in Everyone; like Everyone.
  • Empower your team with latest information and technology.
  • Identify and document the goals easily understandable early in the process.
  • The Mistakes are quite common among the builds; So, Permit Mistakes.
  • Be flexible with the energy, time, technology and money.
  • Never plan the long runs; have rat bites.
  • Do not omit the communication between the members.

How you exercise Agile Methodology in your team? Please share.

I would Love to hear from you. Get in touch

Thank you for Investing your valuable time; hope you get the returns.

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Originally published at on April 25, 2018.

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