All the Resources you need for a Successful App Launch

A few weeks ago, we started to ramp up our distribution efforts to prepare for our public app launch. There are so many things about it! From preparing the press kit, finalizing user acquisition channels , getting featured, among others. During this process we dug the web and collected the most useful resources. This curated list is useful to other founders or marketers who may soon need to launch a new app.

Here they are:

  1. Research and Test Competing Apps: Over 50,000 apps are released every month, and your app must stand out to be successful. Research the key players in your app category. And gain insights into what your target audience values in an app.

2. Getting Featured on the App/Play Store: Getting featured on the App/Play Store is a great way to get an initial boost of downloads. You only get one shot, so make sure your app is ready.

3. Implement Search Engine Optimization: With 93% of online experiences still begin with a search, SEO is vital even for mobile-first companies.

4. Build a List of Influencers and Bloggers with your Target Audience

5. Assemble a Press Kit

6. Start a Beta Program: Early beta users can make or break your app. Among other things, they provide crucial feedback, help you find bugs. Beta users can also become the early promoters of your app by giving you reviews on your first day.

7. Localize your App: Global market has more user and earning potential than a regional one. App localization can help you boost app store rankings and increased downloads.

8. Build a Growth Engine with Viral Loops

9. Add an In-App Feedback Channel: Low star rating kills app growth on the App/Play Store. Don’t make reviews the first stop for user feedback or issues. Consider building an in-app feature for users to reach out to you.

10. Build Flows to Collect User Data for Later Engagement: Around 25% of the apps are used only once, and the 90 day retention rate can be as low as 14%. With numbers like these, re-engagement campaigns are crucial. You need some way to contact your users to bring them back.

11. Get Five 5-Star Reviews as Quickly as Possible: A good average rating is one of the best ways to attract new downloads from users browsing around the store. Start with friends, family and beta users.

12. Use Paid Ads for a Boost: Paid campaigns during the first few days can help you build visibility. Use limited paid app install campaigns to boost more organic downloads.

13. Set Up Google Alerts for Your App’s Name: So you know when your app gets mentioned on any website.

14. Submit to Product Hunt: Product Hunt is one of the best ways to get an influx of new, tech-savvy users. But you only get one shot and requires some planning, so make sure you do it right and make it count!

You can follow the living document App Launch List on Nucleus, where we’ll add more awesome resources.

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