An Ordered Map in Go

Elliot Chance
Nov 19, 2019 · 2 min read
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An ordered map (also called a linked hash map in Java) is a data structure that allows amortized O(1) for access and mutation just like a map, but the elements maintain their order.

For this I created the package. Here is some basic usage:

m := orderedmap.NewOrderedMap()// Keys and values can be any type.
m.Set("foo", "bar")
m.Set("qux", 1.23)
m.Set(123, true)
m.Delete("qux")value, exists := m.Get("qux")

The most important feature of the *OrderedMap is that the order of the keys is maintained, so that we can iterate them in their creation order:

for _, key := range m.Keys() {
value, _ := m.Get(key)
fmt.Println(key, value)

Be careful using Keys() as it will create a copy of all of the keys, so it’s only suitable for a small number of items. For larger maps you should use Front() or Back() to iterate per element:

// Iterate through all elements from oldest to newest:
for el := m.Front(); el != nil; el = el.Next() {
fmt.Println(el.Key, el.Value)
// You can also use Back and Prev to iterate in reverse:
for el := m.Back(); el != nil; el = el.Prev() {
fmt.Println(el.Key, el.Value)

The iterator is safe to use bidirectionally, and will return nil once it goes beyond the first or last item.

If the map is changing while the iteration is in-flight it may produce unexpected behavior. Also, if you share the state between goroutines you will need to provide your own synchronization.

Happy coding!

Elliot Chance

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I’m a data nerd and TDD enthusiast from Sydney. I love exploring new technologies and working on modern ways to solve age old problems 🤓

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