Apple Couldn’t Beat ChatGPT, So They Joined Them

Is Apple’s collaboration with ChatGPT a tactical genius or total surrender?

Jano le Roux
4 min readJun 19, 2024
Using the Compose tool in Pages, a user enters a prompt about writing a bedtime story about a 6-year-old named Annie who’s great at solving riddles.

Apple couldn’t beat ChatGPT.

  • They tried innovation.
  • They tried competition.
  • They tried everything.

But in the end, they joined forces.

Is this move tactical genius? Or a total surrender?

As Apple teams up with ChatGPT, the tech world is going crazy. But what does this mean for the future of AI? And who really stands to gain?

Apple and OpenAI team up

Apple’s collaboration with OpenAI caught many by surprise. At WWDC 2024 — the partnership was revealed — with ChatGPT set to be integrated into every Apple operating system, including Siri and Apple’s new Writing Tools.

This integration promises to allow users to generate, revise, and summarize text seamlessly across their devices. For a brand known for its fierce independence — this move seemed almost out of character.

Apple’s brilliant short-term play

From a tactical standpoint — integrating ChatGPT into Apple’s ecosystem offers immediate benefits. Users gain powerful AI…



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