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Ask ‘Why’ Until You Run Out Of Breath.

Yesterday I had a meeting with an entrepreneur.

He had two Bentley’s, multiple successful businesses and the coolest house you could ever imagine with his initials on the bottom of the pool.

This was the second time I met this man. He now had another business and I became bored quickly.

I kept asking him why he did what he did.

He never responded.

Keep asking why.

The reason is that until you find out why someone does what they do, you can’t help them and you can’t figure out if you want to work with them.

Without asking why, you may end up being influenced by someone who only wants to make money. This reality will leave you empty and incomplete.

It could take you five or more years to realize that chasing money over knowing why you’re doing it for, will mess up your life.

How do you get to the why?

Good question Timbo — how’d you get so smart? (ignore me talking to myself).

The way I got to the why yesterday was to essentially make it appear like I was walking away from the conversation. I looked disinterested most of the meeting.

I began asking about family, his kids and even his wife. I figured out there was a spiritual theme with his wife. This young entrepreneur then admitted that he was into spirituality.

Go even deeper on the why.

The way you do this is to be vulnerable. In yesterdays meeting I shared my entrepreneur journey and how I discovered Tony Robbins.

This little hack allowed the young entrepreneur to open up even more. The conversation then began to take a turn. He shared with me the common link between all of his businesses.

It was the ability to go into undeveloped countries and offer a turnkey solution that could build a community.

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We then went deeper. I wanted to know how this why affected his businesses team of fifty staff.

As it turns out, he has a goal to make his team rich so they can chase their why and not have to worry about money.

He took his team on spiritual journeys with various leaders and got them to share their darkest moments. This brought everyone closer to their why.

The reality of the ‘why conversation.’

As you can see from the above story, it takes time to find someones why.

“Just asking the question isn’t enough. You have to be committed to the importance of finding why in everything you do and every conversation you have”

The why will help you decide whether it matches your own mission.

Whenever the why is solely focused on money or business, you’ll end up disappointed, except you just won’t know it unless — like me — you’ve experienced the emptiness of a why attached to financial success.

The conversation yesterday was exhausting. It lasted more than two hours and I was out of breath from asking why so many times. Eventually, I got the answer and it was a pleasant surprise.

Ask why.

If there’s no clear answer, ask why again.

Keeping asking for the why. It’s worth the wait.

The why provides meaning. Without meaning, what do you have?

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