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Andrew Holliday
Jun 21, 2019 · 3 min read
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I have a blog post to write, Medium article to finish, LinkedIn video to shoot, weekly email to craft, and a lead magnet to build. What should I work on right now?

Overwhelm kicks in and nothing gets finished. Sound familiar?

Indecision is a silent killer. We get stuck analyzing everything that needs to be done and never actually finish anything. The feeling then compounds as tasks mount and the indecision transforms into crippling anxiety.

I took a step back this week and looked at how some of the top influencers with substantial audiences managed to get to where they are. The analysis provided simple trends anyone can follow.

Find Your Engine

There is however a clear linking element that all successful content generators working to build an audience share. This is the thing they realize that we all miss.

Focus on fueling one engine and everything else will follow.

All of the examples above have built massive audiences and successful careers by consistently fueling an engine with quality content. These brands (don’t be mistaken, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, and Casey Neistat are brands) may extend their influence with other vehicles, but they have one clear engine for the development and nurturing of their audience.

You can certainly argue that Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin wouldn’t be where they are without the books they’ve written. That’s true, but take a closer look at their books. Tribe Of Mentors and Tools Of Titans are direct results of Tim Ferriss’ podcast. And if you’ve read This Is Marketing (Seth Godin’s latest book) you’ll recognize many of the themes addressed in the book from his blog.

Fuel the engine and everything else will follow!

Make It A Habit

This is what I call habit-based marketing. This approach removes all indecision from the equation and gives you complete focus. Once you decide on the content engine that fits, you just wake up and execute. No more overwhelm and anxiety. Indecision is replaced with daily progress.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Pick a habit that sets you up for success. Don’t try to be an Instagram sensation if you hate social media and can’t take a photo to save your life. You may be a better fit for an email, blog, or Medium. The key is consistency. You’ll never consistently do something you suck at or hate.

Fill ‘Er Up

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