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Be a More People Product Manager

We need more people product managers.

In the past few years, there has been an increased call to restrain the enthusiasm around Product Management and what they bring to the tech industry, where some people claim that the role is over-hyped by the industry. It’s been observed that many people argue that the role should be undertaken by more specialized professionals.

As the organization adds more products to their list, the demands on product management and product manager roles change and shift. The need for the product manager role becomes more obvious as it becomes important to prioritize different product options and plan the best use of resources such as development teams, engineering teams, marketing teams, and marketing budget. And it’s clear to everyone that senior management doesn’t have the time or interest to get involved with the details of each product.

There are three main considerations that make PMs weak focuses on analysis, they are Popularity; job title inflation; and technological transformation. Processes and requirements are important but we have to interact with people along with the process. Few things that a great people PM should take care in mind are:

  1. Develop Meaningful Relationships: It’s no surprise that Product Managers generally have to work with other functional teams like the design team, IT team, Marketing team, etc within the organization to achieve their target. If the product is one of the many having to compete for resources, it is much easier if you maintain a good relationship with the team in the organization and also with the internal suppliers. A Product Manager should take the time to understand the key drivers, ask the customers and the teams that are involved and managed the development of the product, what information they need, and how they want the whole information to be delivered, and so on.
  • Know the Product Well: It stands to reason that knowing the product well establishes one’s credibility within the organization, which will attract people to instinctively come to you for assistance. Helping associates from your own group just as from different groups to determine issues, handling product-related inquiries from inside the association will imply that others will be additionally ready to help you down the track. So what would it be advisable for you to know? Aside from the product highlights, you should know the product business administers personally. This may appear to be straightforward yet as the product develops, business rules develop dramatically. Product Managers should set aside the effort to keep up a product and the business decides a record that can be utilized to effortlessly portray what the product is and how it functions.
  • Know Your Market and Competitors: Try not to figure your market. Try not to apply cliché perspectives to your customer base in light of the fact that an enormous rate ends up dwelling in a geological area or is intensely slanted towards one sex. I’ve been blameworthy of this transgression on events and I figure it offers your product no courtesies. Continuously stay informed concerning contender action and if conceivable, keep up some record of what your rivals are doing consistently. This will give you an authentic point of view of what your rivals have done.
  • Spend Time with Your Support Staff: What better approach to understand what your customers need than investing time with the individuals who manage your customers’ issues. If possible try listening to inbound calls. Spending a day a month with your support teams will help you understand the problems your customers are experiencing. These are the customers who have just put resources into your product and brand. These are the customers who will give you either positive or negative views. The customer base will really give great appreciation. Use it and your care staff will likewise feel remembered for the product improvement measure.
  • Listen and understand your users: If you want to design a successful product for people then one of the important responsibilities of a product manager needs to understand them. People nowadays are no longer passive users of any product or service, but they actively interact with it when they are using it; they are engaged in a ‘conversation’ with the product in which both sides, user and product, are actively asking and responding, in that case, one should listen to the queries of the user and understand their needs very carefully.
  • Listen to Your Sales People: Consistently your salesmen are confronted with reasons why customers would prefer not to purchase your product. Utilize the information to either focus on sales messages and on the product’s strengths to help overcome these objections or consider adapting the product to meet customer needs an expression of alert. While it is normal for customers to need more for less this doesn’t really compare to great business choices. Use data from your business group to adjust your product to meet customer complaints without settling on cost.
  • Create, Review, and Revise the product Roadmap: Have a roadmap. A roadmap is a significant level arrangement of how to convey the product and business destinations with restricted assets. Use it as a guide and an inside deals device yet not an outer deals device. Feel empowered to transform it as you gain insights from your customers, your care staff, your business staff, and respond to external competitive moments. Use it as a point of convergence for the work that you are doing.
  • Sell Product Management Internally: Back to relationship management, selling Product Management, and the Product Management team is a very important task for a product manager. In general, any marketing team of an organization is good at communicating what they are doing in a project, but on the other hand product, people are good at supporting their product but not so good at communicating what they are doing for the management and delivery of the product. This is another reason why it is good to interact with the support teams and the sales teams of the organization. Once your roadmap is developed for the year, take your roadmap on a company-wide “tour”. In any case, people product managers use the product roadmap as the internal sales tool. Be prepared to tell people exactly what you are working on and how it will support business growth. Take the time to develop simple communications that summarise the product vision and your plans for achieving it.

Most companies will welcome product managers wanting to take on more responsibility. But they will be worried about promoting someone into the role without being sure what they can deliver. So in many situations, you will have to demonstrate leadership before it is formally recognized, and reward follows commitment.



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