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Aanand Madhav
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6 min readAug 2, 2020

To put simply, I’m going to list some tools and practices that I really like as a remote project manager. Tools don’t make you a superior project manager, but they make you more efficient if you already are one. Let’s get started.

Browser to use your tools efficiently

Yes, you heard it right. Using multiple tools in your workflow can be a little messy. Multiple tools open means more RAM consumption, more switching and sometimes more distraction. There are also some other use-cases such as using multiple accounts of same tool, which you usually achieve by using incognito or a different browser for other account. To achieve this, I recommend Station. It’s free. There are some paid alternatives too, but none of those are as good as this. So, I’m not mentioning those.

Station (free)

Station uses opera browser like UI with a dock on sidebar to host you most used app. The UI is quite clean and intuitive. Station’s two most useful features are:

  • Quick Switch: An easy central way to search across your apps and pages. Any document, to-do list, spreadsheet or conversation is just a click away! and it open with a keyboard shortcut “command + T” :)
  • Focus Mode: Decide when and which applications should send you notifications. Get your best work done away from distractions.

Visit Station →

Use GIT: For both design and development

Issue tracking, versioning and shipping the right changes can be easily solved by GIT. You just need to set standards. Like BEM helps naming your classes more efficiently, similarly if your team follows a defined set of steps and syntax it’ll will improve your project management many folds.

The easiest set of steps to follow for your development project are:

  • First of all, use git. Commit after every set of change…

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