Becoming a Freelance Writer.

Five thoughts I had, and you may as well, when I decided to dive head first into freelance writing.

Is it time? Five years is a long time to hone in on your skill, and then push it off to the side. But that is exactly what I did because I knew it wasn’t the right time to break into writing. Seems cliche to say this, but writing is an art, and art takes time and dedication.

Will people enjoy my writing? Unfortunately, most people won’t, but someone is bound to, right? When I began this journey, I researched countless times ‘how to become a freelance writer.’ While the steps and lists were extensive they all had a common piece of advice: find your niche and your voice. Once you’ve done that, develop and research it as much as you can. Become comfortable in that space.

Understand that self-doubt is okay. This step isn’t easy and is a large reason as to why many people aren’t doing what they want. Here’s what I did. I took my self-doubt as a sign to pursue my dreams of becoming a writer. I realized what was causing that self-doubt. Took it and did everything I could to not let it happen. As always, practice your writing, read how the pros do it and believe in yourself.

I love to write, but is that enough? Well, no. It’s not. I’m not the best writer, but I am learning and I am growing. What better way to do that than to start writing more.

Why do publish buttons seem so scary? Let’s refer to self-doubt. Publishing means you’re putting it out there for everyone to see, forever. If you’re like me, that’s terrifying. I want everyone to love all my work, all the time. This is unrealistic, especially in the world of writing. Pushing the publish button means you’ve begun your journey and you need to own it.

I wish you good luck if you’re starting a freelance writing career! Check back here for more advice, tips and other ways I’m making this a little easier.

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