Being a Part of Python’s Unstoppable Growth With Mario Corchero Jiménez

Jan 13 · 4 min read

Mario Corchero Jiménez is the co-author of The Python Workshop. In our recent interview, Mario shares more about him, his recent workshop with Packt along with some interesting tips on how to excel and grow substantially in the field of software development.

Mario Corchero Jiménez

1. Can you tell us more about yourself?

I was born in a small city in Extremadura, an amazing region of Spain. I started to study computer science and software engineering in my region, and finished my degree in Scotland. I was lucky enough to be able to work within the university at Quercus Software Engineering Group for three years whilst I was finishing my degree. This gave me some “real world” experience, which was key to landing my first job at Amadeus in France. I specialized in databases and distributed systems and started to grow an appetite for Python. After almost three years, I moved to an outstanding company that was little known to me at the time, called Bloomberg. I have grown my career there since 2014, first as a Senior Developer and now running a team that manages the company’s Python Infrastructure in addition to contributing substantially to open-source projects.

Today we see kids playing with Python to automate small robots.

2. What is your view on the unstoppable growth of Python?

I am quite happy and impressed at the same time with the growth that Python has experienced over this last decade. Python has indeed become one of the most popular languages today, and I think we need to acknowledge that this is due to the language catering to professions that did not exist previously.

Python has moved from being a key tool for DevOps to becoming the bread and butter of data scientists and academic researchers. Additionally, I want to think of Python as a general tool for non-software professionals to speak with computers.

Today we see kids playing with Python to automate small robots or students using it to produce a school or university report. I think that this mix of professional developers with these new enthusiasts groups has enabled Python to grow to where it is today.

3. You’ve created a workshop with us, what is it about and who benefits from it?

The workshop is designed to help anyone in the beginner or intermediate space to reach an experienced level with Python. The book helps developers take a deep dive into the standard library and some of the most used modules of Python, pointing out some of the most common mistakes that developers will make. Additionally, it includes practical advice on software engineering, which can help both the experienced and the amateur developer to design and implement their code, thereby making it easier to maintain and manage.

4. What career doors this workshop will open?

A person studying this book and going through this workshop can get a good enough understanding of the language to work in any position that requires Python. Whether it is for data science or as an application developer, knowing Python is one of the most valuable skills today.

5. How will this workshop help someone become better at what they do at work on daily basis?

The workshop takes a real focus on being practical. Most chapters contain tips and advice on mistakes that beginner or intermediate developers make, helping the readers quickly understand those — all without having to make those very same mistakes that most of us have already made. Additionally, the book covers the entire Python journey. Readers start with writing a simple script, but finish with the ability to publish their own libraries to the PyPI repository. This should cover most if not all of the skills a person uses when working in a Python position.

6. What advice would you have for someone who wants to become a Senior Software Developer?

The jump from junior or intermediate developer to senior developer is quite an important step in anyone’s career. Even when the titles are different at each company, most will agree about seeing a senior developer as someone with the experience and the skills necessary to resolve complex situations and lead projects on its own.

I would advise anyone who is looking to move into a senior position to keep acquiring technical knowledge, improving their soft or essential skills (with a special focus on communication), and exercise planning by trying to lead a technical project.

7. Where can we find the workshop?

The Python Workshop

The Python Workshop can be found at Packt, and all the regular book retailers like Amazon and such as well. Get your own copy today!

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