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9 min readMay 26, 2020


When designing a digital product, it is crucial to have the right copy together with the right design, both are going together. When one of them is incorrect or inaccurate, it will make the experience of using the product incomplete.

Microcopy is the most prominent way to communicate with users through digital products, together with designs and look&feel of the product

In the last past year, I collected some of the best microcopy examples I have seen in different B2B and B2C products. Some of them are clear and short microcopy, some are funny, some are weird in a good way. Of course, it is important to know who are the users and to fit the tone of voice to them.

Think about it: the key to influencing people to do anything is always to create action from within them.
How Legendary Leaders Speak / Peter Andrei


This platform allows testers to answer usability tests. They give honest and clear recommendations on how to use their product as a tester. Another instruction will appear every refresh of the page.

Convey values, but not all of them together

UseCrowd messages about how to use the product as a tester


When the trial period has expired, they show a lovely message to team members and even use the heart emoji.

Present negative situations in a warm way

GetGuru message shown when the trial has expired


I found Drift’s email footer funny but to the point. This sentence, “If you didn’t mean to set your password…” appears in a lot of “Reset password” emails, but here, it is perfectly smiling.

Talk in a human language, like you would talk to a friend



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