Bitcoin — A New Paradigm Ahead?

Debbie Chia
The Startup
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4 min readFeb 21, 2021


In the land of digital currencies, Bitcoin is King.

Movie still from Ari Folman’s The Congress

While chewing on the nature of cryptocurrencies and how it is currently eating up the world, I often think back to one of my favorite movies — Ari Folman’s The Congress. In a pivotal scene, the lead actress role played by Robin Wright arrives at a one-way checkpoint, drinks an ampoule and morphs into her animated form while leaving the real world behind.

When I first fell into the cryptocurrency rabbit hole, coins appeared much in the same way to me: colourful, animated money with virtual, elastic properties obeying its own set of laws beyond the physical world. Internet money, as they call it. For Internet natives.

In crypto land, a money network arises pre-determined by computer code and is sustained by its community spread across the world, without any borders. As long as a community believes in its value — by hoarding, exchanging and transacting — the network continues to thrive.

I encountered fascinating subsets such as social tokens, which hold and accrue value specifically within a tight-knit community. Once, I played a gig in the metaverse and was tipped some $WHALE by the audience. A month or so later, I played a second gig in another parcel of land and tipped those who were attending back. By then, the price had already tripled in USD terms. Everything…