Six Ways to Use Blockchain in Your Everyday Life

The recent drop in cryptocurrency prices might be discouraging to some traders, but those who follow the underlying technology of the blockchain are more excited than ever as new and more practical use cases are being developed.

Mina Down
Mina Down
Nov 23, 2018 · 5 min read
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Digital Currency is Only One Use for Blockchain

For many, the first experience with blockchain technology is trying out a crypto faucet, participating in an airdrop, or investing in cryptocurrency through an ICO or a digital exchange.

The Brave Browser

Brave is a blockchain-powered web browser. In September 2018, Brave exceeded 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store. Currently, four million people use Brave each month and it has 26,000 content publishers.


PundiX is a blockchain startup that aims to use cryptocurrency to create a global cashless payment system. Its blockchain-enabled Point-of-Sale (XPoS) devices let shops, cafes and convenience stores sell cryptocurrency and accept cryptocurrency payments for goods and services. All a merchant has to do it have an XPoS in their store. The device works with a simple mobile wallet (XWallet) that customers use to make payments in physical stores. It has a simple interface for buying and selling BTC, ETH, XEM, and QTUM. It also has a check-out menu to execute purchases with cryptocurrencies. With every transaction, the XPoS prints a receipt for the customer and tracks orders and inventory for the store owner.


At this stage, to take advantage of blockchain technology you need to use decentralized applications (dApps). Dapps bridge blockchain and conventional technology allowing them to interact. Most dApps are built on the Ethereum blockchain. Though other blockchains like EOS and TRON are also seeing increasing dApp development. Given the uneven development of blockchain technology, its likely that dApps will grow in popularity in the short-term.


CryptoKitties was one of the first dApp entertainment platforms to go mainstream. It is an interactive cat-breeding game where cats (“cryptokitties”) can be created and traded. Amazingly, some rarer cryptokitties have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Soon, Cryptokitties users will be able to import CryptoKitties NFTS into the dApp to fight in mortal combat style matches to win kittiefight tokens & ETH.


Huntercoin is one of the first blockchain-based games. It is an RPG that launched in September 2013. The game runs on the Namecoin blockchain. Players collect the game’s own currency (HUC) by finding coins in the virtual universe of the game and bringing them to one of several ‘banks,’ which transfer them to the players’ crypto-wallets. Players can also engage in conflict and combat over resources and territory. The game is still popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts today.

EOS Knights

EOS Knights is a role-playing game based on the EOS blockchain that launched in September 2018. Despite being new, EOS Knights is already the fourth most used dApp globally and has nearly 5,000 users a month. Players can collect and create items to make their knights stronger or to trade on a marketplace powered by the EOS token. Whether EOS Knights ultimately succeeds or not, there is no doubt a blockchain-based game with mainstream appeal will be developed soon.


Blockchain technology is racing ahead of cryptocurrencies in the quest for mainstream use. While Bitcoin might have been what first brought blockchain into the public eye, it seems like decentralized, blockchain-based applications are going to outgrow that use case. Thus, while it might not be the case that we will all be using cryptocurrencies in the next few years, chances are we will all be using blockchain-based applications.

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