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Brand Mapping or Bust

How a Brutally Honest Brand Map Can Get Your New Independent Venture Humming

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

What’s Brand Mapping and Why Should I Care about it?

Figure 1. Brand Mapping Categories (Blue Globe Management Consulting)

Before you Start Your Brand Map, Check Your Hedgehog Concept

Figure 2. The Hedgehog Concept Venn Diagram (Jim Collins)

Starting Your Brand Map

Figure 3. Mapping your Competencies (Blue Globe Management Consulting)
Figure 4. Mapping your Market Needs (Blue Globe Management Consulting)
Figure 5. Mapping your Candidate Brands (Blue Globe Management Consulting)
Figure 6. Mapping your Brand Marketing (Blue Globe Management Consulting)

Completing Your Brand Map

Figure 7. Snippet of a Completed Brand Map (Blue Globe Management Consulting)

What to do With Your Brand Mapping Output

Figure 8. Key Market Needs and Candidate Brands from your Brand Map (Blue Globe Management Consulting)



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Peter Walzer has over 30 years of experience in management consulting, project management, systems development, and “get up you’re not hurt” persistence.