Building a Web App Using Nuxt.js and Firebase

Ben Mayer
Ben Mayer
Dec 26, 2020 · 6 min read
Combine Nuxt.js and Firebase

Why I decided to build a blog from scratch using Nuxt.js and hosted it by deploying to Firebase Functions

I created this website from scratch. Instead of the usual Wordpress site or any existing headless CMS, I chose to build it from the ground up (with a little help from other exiting projects) using Nuxt.js as the foundation. Nuxt.js, promised being an intuitive, yet proweful framework for building Vue.js applications. After trying it out for about half an hour, Nuxt.js and Vue.js felt most intuitive and fun, compared to its alternatives Angular or React, especially in terms rendering content from the server (SSR), which was a crucial reason to pick Nuxt.js

Getting started

First, you will have to create a Firebase account and set up a firebase project, following these steps in the firebase setup guide. Make sure you upgrade from the Free “Spark” plan to the Pay as you go “Blaze” plan, as you’ll need this to deploy your app later.

$ mkdir <my-firebase-nuxt-project>
$ cd <my-firebase-nuxt-project>

Install Firebase

Install Firebase CLI — if you don’t have it installed already — log in and initiate firebase:

$ firebase login
$ firebase init
  1. Choose the project you set up in the first step, or create new one, and give it an ID and name. This will be your project in the Google Firebase Console.
  2. Choose Javascript
  3. Skip ESLint
  4. Don’t install dependencies now, as we’ll do that later
  5. Choose ‘public’ as your default public folder. (This is where the static files go later)
  6. Don’t configure as single page app (don’t rewrite all urls to the index.html files)
  7. Skip automatic builds and deploys with Github

Create Nuxt.js app

These next steps are base on the regular Nuxt.js installation from the Nuxt.js installtion guide.

$ yarn create nuxt-app src
$ cd src  
$ yarn build

Connecting Nuxt to Firebase

Now that we have Firebase and Nuxt.js set up, let’s connect the two. In ./functions/node.js add the following code:

const { Nuxt } = require('nuxt-start');const nuxtConfig = require('../src/nuxt.config.js');const config = {
dev: false,
debug: false
const nuxt = new Nuxt(config);exports.ssrapp = functions.https.onRequest(async (req, res) => {
await nuxt.ready();
nuxt.render(req, res);
$ cd ../functions
$ yarn install
$ yarn add nuxt-start
"functions": {
"source": "functions"
"hosting": {
"public": "public",
"ignore": [
"rewrites": [
"source": "**",
"function": "ssrapp"
$ mkdir -p functions/.nuxt/dist/
$ cp -r src/.nuxt/dist/server functions/.nuxt/dist/
$ rm ./public/*
$ mkdir -p public/_nuxt
$ cp -r src/.nuxt/dist/client/ public/_nuxt && cp -a src/static/. public/
$ yarn serve --only functions,hosting
$ yarn deploy

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Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +787K followers.

Ben Mayer

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Ben Mayer

Lead Product Manager at Urban Sports Club. Bass player and love climbing.

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +787K followers.

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