Can you Green Spin Your Business To Help Save Earth?

Hint: Spin Is Marketing, Spun Is Integrated Production. More and more business design is going green

Plastic pollution requires integrated solutions, Christyl Rivers

It’s fairly well established now that climate change has become climate crisis. Business and corporate driven consumption are often painted as villains. But thinking outside that binary belief that “business is bad” and “conservation is good” requires more of us.

We can be heroes, (for more than just one day)

The coming Green New Deal may not pass in its present form. But make no mistake, the need for clean energy, greener urban spaces, nutritious agriculture, worldwide connection through the world wide web, integration and tons of programming is changing our world.

In fact, there are too many facets of the new green spinning that affect your business than can be named at the present moment. When we spin green, hopefully, it is far more than just marketing.

The bottom line is, not only do you want to be a hero, so too, do your employees and clients.

To cope with the enormity of all these things, let’s just talk about how you will green spin your workplace, and how it will affect and improve your life. We can address those changes with one word: sustainability.

Sustainable profits require sustainable platforms

Think of your business like an organic garden. You want tons of product (produce). You want to create a loyal customer base. You do not want toxins, wasted time, broken or non-performing products. You want to produce something people really want. Every single day, another person realizes they want to be empowered to make ethical choices. Your job is to find ways to make what you do sustainable so that you can find that person and offer your products and/or services.

Sustainability means little or no waste. It means you don’t want to pass external costs to the customers anymore than you have too.

Take plastic pollution as an example. In the past plastic producers simply passed on the cost of plastic trash to the customers and the earth. This is rapidly changing, because buyers of everything that comes in plastic are demanding it be less destructive.

But that doesn’t mean the producers instantly up their game and reform. It requires not only that they plan, design and program new systems. It also means they have the opportunity to benefit from the marketing of a better, less destructive product. This can be done with true and benevolent intent. When done with sincerity, a better product, a more open customer base, and a win win platform benefits us all.

Thinking holistically, spin is more than marketing, use the word ‘spun’ instead if you need a reminder that all of us are strings beings spun into a whole fabric. Design requires integrated input, use that strategy to do more.

Trimming waste means making your organic garden efficient

Here in Hawaii, most of all our neighbors have a business of some kind. They also have farms. We are in a coffee, macadamia nut and citrus region. One requirement to win an agricultural designation is production. In business terms: you have to produce in order to sustain income.

Farmers are constantly trying to get rid of waste. Produce is wasted by parasites, blight, pests such as pigs and chickens. Bad weather (often because of climate change) can flood out a field, ruin a harvest, or devastate a sales day.

Natural products, in some ways make it far easier to know what to do. But in business, as on farms, what gets wasted a lot is time.

To save time means that human workers need focus but not multitasking that is inefficient multi-tasking. Trying to do too much at once usually results in less getting done overall. Workers need to learn how to optimize screen time. Workers need to also know when to take a break, stretch, be attentive to stressors and physical tension.

To reduce waste due to other factors requires specific efforts to realize what is being wasted, analyze the damage, intervene (hopefully before damage occurs) and incorporate an overall approach toward managing the team and services needed.

Let’s talk about distraction

The modern world is bustling with constant distraction. It helps sometimes to realize that we can tune in mindfully and nullify some of that distraction. Use all your senses to tune into a distraction, and then instantly, or later dismiss it.

Some distractions are minor, like a noisy truck backing up outside your window. Some distractions are major, like a flood or wildfire disrupting the entire community. All, of course, are related to climate change because every machine and/or food or item we consume is directly related to our relationship to nature. Therefore, use these distractions to mentally reconnect to nature. Use them to redirect your attention to think creatively. Use them to share with your team, customers or clients to be resourceful and creative. Most of all, use them to cooperate together, to ‘brainstorm against the storm’, so to speak.

The world is eager, very eager, for more efficient and beneficial solutions. You can offer your services to support that world.

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