Clubhouse App, the Unofficial Galateo

Don’t be a jerk: read this if you’re new to the app and/or you really want to keep the harmony

Federico Francioni
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6 min readFeb 23, 2021

Yes, Clubhouse is the new shiny trend we’re all enjoying and trying to understand.

Yes, it’s not super inclusive as it’s iPhone only. But I won’t discuss it here.

In the last few weeks I read a lot of great articles about this app (check the list at the end), and listened to a lot of great conversation on it. Today, I’d like to share some considerations on the fact this forming platform’s success (or failure) will truly depend a lot on how users will behave as it opens up to more and more users.

Clubhouse is a highly-interactive, real-time, people-moderated cocktail of voices.

Users attitude will make this mix delicious or nauseating.

People before Technology and Processes. Before we discuss the UX, before we talk about monetization and brands involvement, before we get annoyed by servers overload, let’s truly look at the way we should be using this app.

The Clubhouse Galateo by Federico Francioni (fedino82)

This is exactly why I chose the word Galateo:

Galateo: The Rules of Polite Behavior was published in Venice in 1558. A guide to what one should do and avoid in ordinary social life, this courtesy book of the Renaissance explores subjects such as dress, table manners, and conversation.

0- Before we start, know the rules

A great place to start understanding this new world is reading the official resources about basic app usage, the etiquette, community guidelines and a super handy new user guide.

All clear? Great, here’s a list of some unofficial but practical guidelines you should be aware of…



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