Computer Vision: Lane Finding Through Image Processing

Lane Detection using Edge Detection and Hough Transform

Archit Rastogi
The Startup


How does coding a Lane finding system in an active video feed sounds? It seemed ubercool to me when I did this project with Udacity back in 2017. At that point, the aim was just to know enough basics and code a system somehow to get to the end result to have a feel of the power of computer vision even if you do not understand the exact details of behind the scenes. However, the main aim of this post is to explain image processing techniques. It is more about the journey than the destination.You might end up with a cool project in the end but there are always some side effects :)

The aim is to identify the lane lines in an image and then extend the algorithm to a video to identify the left and right lane lines effectively irrespective of their shape ( solid vs dashed) or colour ( white vs yellow) or slope ( straight or angled or curved). The images/ video used for the project are from a US highway where the lanes are clearly marked and they are mostly straight and not much curved.

Following features have been used for the identification:

1- Colour : Lane lines are generally light coloured (white/ yellow) compared to the road (dark grey). So a black/white image works better as the lanes…